VII.Cosmological Proof

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VII.Cosmological Proof
Modern science has discovered in the field of cosmology a fact of the utmost importance that was not previously known.
     The science of cosmology has discovered that the universe is expanding in continuous sequence, such that its galaxies are moving away from each other, constantly and very quickly, and that what is moving apart is the place where these galaxies are located, and through the expansion of this place, the distance between the galaxies located therein is increasing, even as they continue to move in their constant, stable orbits.
     Cosmologists have tried to explain this strange phenomenon, and as a result, two well-known theories have been proposed. These two theories are:
A.The Infinite Universe Theory (The Theory of Continuous Creation), otherwise known as: Steady State Theory 
B.The Big Bang Theory
These two theories were formed to explain what had been discovered: the stable density of the universe, despite the increasing distance between its parts.
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