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An-Nur (The Light)-Soorat An-Nur (Qur’aan 24:35):
1-An-Nur is one of Allaah’s Names as well one of His Attribute, derived from His Nur (Light) which is an Attribute established with His Thaat (Essence). Allaah, , said:
Allaah is the Light (Nur) of the heavens and the earth2...[TMQ;An-Nur (24):35]
The Prophet  used to invoke Allaah upon starting the night prayers (Tahajjud):“All Praise is due to You; You are the Light of the heavens and the earth...”3
2In this Aayah’s construct, Allaah’s Nur is related (mudaaf) to As-Samaawati wal Ard (the heavens and the earth). Some had interpreted this aayah such that Allaah , is the One Who illuminates (Munawwir) the heavens and the earth and guides their inhabitants. This is from His Actions, otherwise it does not preclude the fact that the Nur, which is one of His Attributes, is established with Him. It is common for the Salaf  , may Allaah’s Mercy be upon them, to mention all or some of the meanings of the attributes pertraining to Allaah's Names. By mentioning some of the meanings they do not negate the other affirmed qualities of such names. As such, one of the meanings signified by Allaah being “An-Nur of the heavens and the earth” is that He has illuminated the heavens and the earth and guided their inhabitants by His Light. The saying that meaning is restricted to His illumination of the heavens and the earth by certain planets (sun, moon, stars), is wrong, because the illumination by their light does not cover the entire universe. [See Ibn
Taymeeyah's al-Fatawaa, 6: 390-393].
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