Conditions of the two testimonies

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Conditions of the two testimonies
The Conditions of La ilaha illAllah
La ilaha illAllah has seven conditions. The testification does not benefit him, who (merely) utters the testification -unless he fulfils all seven conditions;
1.Knowledge that negates ignorance
2.Certainty that negates doubt
3.Acceptance that negates rejection
4.Submission that negates abandonment
5.Sincerity that negates Shirk
6.Truthfulness that negates falsehood (hypocrisy)
7.Love that negates hatred
The detailed explanation of these seven conditions is as follows:
1. Al-Ilm -Knowledge. Knowledge of the meaning of the testification and its intent. For example, what the testimony negates and what it affirms -a knowledge that negates ignorance. Allah says,
“except those who bear witness to the truth, and they know...” [Soorah az-Zukhruf (43): 86]
‘those who bear witness,' means they witness, 'La ilaha illAllah,’
'and they know,' by their hearts what they witnessed by their tongues. So, he who utters it but does not have the knowledge of it, then the testimony will not benefit him, because he did not believe in the intent of testification.
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