Debating the Christians about the Claim of the Trinity

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Debating the Christians about the Claim of the Trinity


It should be said to the Christians: If you believe that God is made up of three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and that they are of one essence:

     Did you come by this claim of yours—that God, the Father, is three persons in one essence—by way of scriptural fidelity and obedience or by way of logic and analogy?

     Then, if they say: We got it by adherence to the text of the Gospels.

     It should be said to them: then you must not have any differences over it because no one who believes that differs over the scripture.

     And if they say: We got it by way of logic and analogy.

     It should be said to them: Then what is it that requires your so-called God to be three persons, and not more than that? Why is it only three?

     Is that a logical necessity? Or is it logical speculation?

     If they say: It is a logical necessity.

     It should be said to them: Then rational people must necessarily differ over it, but what you say contradicts logical necessity, in that you make three into one.

     Then, if they say: By logical speculation.

     It should be said to them: And what information led you to it?

     Is the one expressed in three, or are the three confined in one?

     On the contrary, one is inconsistent with multiplicity. It is not possible for one to be two or three or…

     How ignorant can one be of the mathematical method! If a mistake is made in the first steps, one will most probably get the final answer wrong.

     This debate shows the enormity of these Christians' disbelief. It clarifies that their idolatry is greater than the idolatry of the Zoroastrians themselves, for their intent was to claim two gods: the god of light and the god of darkness, but these Christians claim three.


Another refutation based on the pure natural tendencies of man:

     In the letter from al-Baqalani to the Byzantine Emperor, Judge Abu Bakr appeared one day before the emperor, and he saw with him some of his bishops and monks. So he joked, "How are you and how are your wives and children?"

     So the Byzantine was astonished at him and said to him, "In the letter written by the one who sent you, it mentions that you are a man of the world, more knowledgeable than the scholars of your community! Do you not know that I hold these [men] above [having] wives and children?" So, Judge Abu Bake replied, "You do not hold Allah (Glorious & Exalted) above [having] wives and children, but you hold them above it?"

     How corrupt is their basic human nature that has changed from pure monotheism into such deep disbelief and idolatry!

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