Etiquette of answering the call of nature

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* Etiquette of answering the call of nature: 

It is not permissible for Muslim to answer the call of nature in the ways of the people, in their shades, in their water resources, and the like of what the people need to pass by or stay in it.

Upon entering the bathroom, it is desirable for Muslim to say: [Bismillaahi], Allaahumma ’’innee ’a‘oothu bika minal-khubthi walkhabaa’ith ([In the Name of Allaah]. (Then) O Allaah, I seek protection in You from the male and female evil spirits), stepping in with his left leg. One should not touch one’s stool and urine exits with one’s right hand. When leaving, one should wash one’s stool and urine exit after defecation or urination with water. If one cannot do that, then one is to any clean permissible matter such as leaves, stones and tissues, provided one should wipe it thrice or more. But one should not use bones or dung in doing this.

It is desirable for one to step out one’s right leg invoking: Ghufraanaka (I seek your forgiveness).

In case one has to answer the call of nature out of doors, (at a place not prepared for that purpose), it is desirable for him to do so away from the people, screening oneself behind a wall, a tree, or the like. In addition, while answering the call of nature out of the doors, one is prohibited to face or turns one’s back towards the Qiblah, one should move eastward or westward (to avoid facing or turns one’s back towards the Qiblah). He should say the invocation that is prescribed before beginning. On the other hand, one must be cautious of splashing one’s urine least it might spoil one’s body or clothes.


* Ablution:

It is to wash the organs of ablution  

The way of performing ablution: 


- To intend to perform ablution with his heart, then says: Bismillaahi

-To wash his hands three times.

-To rinse the mouth (three times) and then to rinse the nose (three times) from one handful (by sniffing water and then blowing it out using the left hand).

-To wash his face three times.

- To wash the hands up to the elbows three times.

-To wipe over the whole head only once, including the ears, with wet hands, provided the water used for wiping over them is fresh one, unlike that remaining from washing hands.

-To wash the feet three times including the ankles. 

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