Hadith Qudsi 66

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66) Narrated Abu Musa Al-Ashari : Allah's Messenger  said: When the son of a slave dies, Allah says to His angels, though He knows best: You have taken away the soul of My slave's son. They say: Yes. Allah says: You have taken out the fruit of his heart. They say: Yes. Then Allah says: What did My slave say? They say: He praised You and read the words: Allah says (to the angels): Construct for My slave a house in Paradise (as a reward) and name it the 'The House of Praise',

(Albani declared this Haditn as good. It is reported by Tinnidhi and Ibn Hibban).


These Ahadith (plural of Hadith) highlight the superiority of patience over the loss of a beloved person (a son or brother). As we believe that the dead will be met in Jannah (Paradise) and that there is another eternal life, we should show Allah our servitude and patience and hope to meet in Jannah, unlike the disbeliever who exaggerates at such a loss, because they are hopeless, and do not expect another life.

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