Hadith Qudsi 67

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67) Narrated 'Abdullah bin Amr bin AI-Aas that Allah's Messenger said: Do you know the first of Allah's creation to enter Paradise? They said: Allah and His Messenger  know best. He said: The first of Allah's creation to enter Paradise will be the poor and the emigrants through whom the boundaries are guarded and calamities are prevented. Their condition is that when anyone of them dies, his wish remains in his chest unfulfilled. Allah :I' says to whom He likes from among the angels: Go to them and greet them. The angels say: We are inhabitants of Your heaven and are the choicest of Your creation and still You want us to go and offer greetings to them? Allah says: Indeed they are the slaves who worship Me alone and associate none with Me (in any form of worship). Through them the boundaries are guarded and calamities are prevented. When anyone of them is dead, his wish remains in his chest unfulfilled. He said: So the angels will come to them and enter upon them from each door saying:

"Saliimun 'Alaikum (peace be upon you) for that you persevered in patience! Excellent indeed is the final home (of yours)!

This Haditb is considered sound by others, and reported in Musnad Ahmad).


Poverty is sometimes a virtue. You live simple, and your reckoning will be simple and easy. More wealth means that you have to justify how you gained it and where you spent it.

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