How.According To Evolutionists Do Living Things Evolve

Harun Yahya

As stated by the theory of evolution, a living thing evolves with time, that is to say, it develops other features, and then turns into another living being. For instance, according to evolutionists' belief, a reptile, as a result of some events, evolves into a bird. So, what are these events that they claim cause the reptile to change into another creature?

Evolutionists believe that evolution takes place as a result of two separate events that occur simultaneously, called "mutation" and "natural selection". This, actually, is an illogical belief and it does not have any scientific basis. "Why?" you say. Let us see why, together.


The simplest explanation for natural selection is that the strongest creatures survive, whereas the weak disappear.

Let's explain this with the following example:

We will say, for instance, that there is a herd of deer and that predators are constantly attacking this pack. In this case, the deer will start to run fast and only the fastest running and most agile deer will survive. In time, weak and slow deer will completely disappear, as the predators hunt them down. There would only be healthy and strong deer in existence. Therefore, after some time, the deer pack would only consist of strong deer.





The events we have mentioned until this moment are correct, but they have nothing to do with evolution. Evolutionists say that a deer, after continuously evolving, would turn into another living thing, a giraffe, for example. This is wrong, because no matter how fast a deer runs, or how long it extends its neck upward, it cannot turn into another creature, a lion or a giraffe, for example. This can only happen in fairy tales. You probably all know the story about the frog that turns into a prince. A frog can turn into a prince only in a fairy tale. However, it is impossible for a deer to change into a lion or another living thing in real life. However, evolutionists-although most of them are adults and possibly even scholars and professors-believe in such a story!

 Do you know what this is like? It is as if a child, who has just listened to the fairy tale of the frog that turns into a prince, picks up a frog, kisses it and waits for it to become a prince.

We can conclude that: Natural selection can never change a species of animals into another species, for example a deer into a lion or a giraffe. It can only cause the members of that animal species, a herd of deer for instance, to become stronger.


Mutations are the adverse changes that take place in a living organism's body. Radiation or chemical substances cause mutations. The effects of radiation and chemical substances on living things are always harmful. About 55 years ago, during the Second World War, an atom bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The atom bomb spread radiation around the area and this caused a lot of harm to people. The radiation caused most of the people either to become seriously ill or die. Moreover, it destroyed some bodily systems of the exposed people, and this in turn caused their children to be born either sick or crippled.

Another such event took place in the Russian city Chernobyl in 1986. There was an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, and this caused radiation to spread over the whole city, surrounding areas and even as far as Western Europe. Just as in Japan, the people who were living there at the time and their children who were born subsequently either became crippled or died of radiation.

Mutations are harmful events that have made a child like this.

A lamb that ended up with five legs due to a mutation.

People whose feet have been damaged as a result of mutations.

The pictures that you have seen all show how people and other living things have been crippled after mutating as a result of radiation.

You could ask what does this have to do with our topic? We mentioned earlier that evolutionists claim that living things turned into other species and this is how they evolved. They, for instance, say that fish turned into reptiles.

If you were to ask, how can a fish turn into a reptile, they would reply: One day a fish mutates, that means that it goes through an event just like the children in Japan who were exposed to radiation. Because of this mutation, the body of the fish goes through some changes and one day, millions of years later, you would come across a crocodile that used to be a fish!

This claim is nonsense. Furthermore, as we mentioned above, mutations are always harmful to living creatures. They either cripple them or make them very sick. Nonetheless, the theory of evolution still maintains that mutations have caused the fish to evolve and changed them into reptiles. This is just too fantastically unbelievable for anyone to believe.

If mutations were beneficial, when the radiation leak occurred, everyone would have gone to Chernobyl to evolve into more advanced beings. In fact, everyone has fled from Chernobyl, and the adverse affects of Chernobyl incident are still evident.

We can compare evolutionists' claims with the following example: If you took hold of an axe and hit a black and white television with it, could you change this television into a coloured one? Of course not! If you randomly hit a television with an axe, you would end up with a smashed set. Just as hitting something haphazardly with an axe produces damage, mutations harm living beings.



That is to say, mutations don't turn a living creature into something better, as evolutionists argue.

Then, let us summarise what we have mentioned until now: Evolutionists claim that a creature evolves into another creature or a species into another species. They say that these changes occur as a result of two things, mutations and natural selection, but we have already seen that neither natural selection nor mutation can change the features of a living being. Furthermore, mutations cause damage to living beings, as we have seen in the pictures.

A 100 million-year-old fossil of an ant. As you can see, ants a hundred million years ago were just like the ants of today. That is to say, they have not evolved!

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