Islam is a code of life

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 Islam is a code of life



1. Moral life.

2. Intellectual life.

3 Personal life.

4. Family life.

5. Social life.

6. Economic life.

7. Political life.

8. International life.



-Moral life:


The Islamic prescription: the Prophet Muhammad, during its mission which lasted for 23 years, was a living human example of Islam. The instructions explained in the Sunnah (sayings and deeds of the Prophet) were a complete code for all aspects of moral conduct. Islam instructs the Muslim be honest, truthful, sincere, charity, modest, merciful, just, pure, timid, faithful and abiding in his promise. On the other side, it prohibits all adjectives opossed to the previous and also prohibits the envy, hypocrisy, false flattery, ridiculousness, evil-speaking, slander and vanity.


-Intellectual life:


The Islamic prescription: the source of the real knowledge has to be based on clear evidence and indisputable evidence acquired by experience or testing, or both.

The Qur'an indicates that the man must acquire knowledge through the immense universe.

The faith of the Muslim God is based on convictions and analytical research and thus the intellect can penetrate in all areas of knowledge. There are no Muslim ecclesiastical institutions or their peers. Knowledge is not monopolized by clerics or men of religion. Every Muslim has to learn Islam instructions and apply them.

-Personal life:

The Islamic prescription: purity and cleaning, diet, dress and ornament, distractions and breaks, legal sexual relations through marriage.

Islam forbids everything that affects the body as alcohol, drugs, animals and dead birds, meat pork meat, any animal sacrificed to the spell of another name that is not of God and blood of animals. Islam also recommends that take into account the means healthy to eat or store food, clean hands and mouth, eat in moderation... etc.


-Family life:


The family is a social group of people whose members are United by blood ties or the conjugal relationship and not other foreign ties (adoption, mutual Alliance, marriages of common law or test.. etc.) God devoted much respect to the parents, especially the mother, whether Muslim or not.


Marriage is a religious duty for every man capable of fulfilling the responsibilities that this implies. Each Member of the family has rights and duties. The marriage contract is not valid without the overall feeling of the intending spouses. The husband is pastor of his wife completely even though it is rich, has No right to intervene in the way they conduct their own wealth.


Islam legislated the polygamy (no more than four) in a few specific cases with the condition that the husband has financial means to maintain them and that is fair to all. They are conditions practically difficult to carry them out for most. The Muslim should not occur to divorce but after failing all attempts and the intervention of family members.


-Social life:


God ordered man to work closely with all the members of his family, with relatives, servers and neighbors. In Islam there is no mention of superiority by reason of class, origin or finance, but goodness and the good work of the individual.

Humanity represents a family born of a single and identical father and mother. The oneness of humanity not only from their source, but that goes also to his latest goals.


-Economic life:


The man should earn a living through honest work; this is not only a right, but a great virtue.

Everything you win the man by legitimate means is your private possession, on which the State, nor anyone else, can claim rights justified. In return, you only have to meet certain obligations to society, and pay certain taxes to the State, and this, in turn, is responsible for the security of the individual.


The economic system of Islam has not only been drawn up in light of arithmetic calculations, but also to moral principles. The key to this system is the Zakat and charity.

The man comes to this world with empty hands, and leaves in the same way. Authentic and real owner of things is only God, from whom all owners are simply an agent named as mere depositary. While Islam does not prevent the Muslim to acquire wealth and private projects, however, it cannot the selfishness and greed of capitalism.

Islam adopts a moderate and method positive between the individual and society, between the citizen and the State, between socialism and capitalism, between materialism and spiritualism.


Islam legislated detailed guides of commercial transactions in order to ensure the justice between the parties concerned.


Only earns money--according to Islam — through real investment of resources, work and intelligentsia, the money does not produce itself. Islamic substitution of the interests set out above provided, is the Consortium. Islam legislated various types of Consortium and invites the Muslim give loans without change or interests to help others.


-Political life:


In the Islamic State, sovereignty belongs to God, and all the people serves it as deposit received from them to comply with the law and carry out their will. The main mission of the people is to build Islamic society and convey Islam to humanity in all parts of the Earth. Every Muslim - in place and capacity - has an important role to make the truth and prevent injury.


The ruler is an employee representative, elected by the people, to serve him according to the law of God. The State aims to administer justice and provide security and protection for all citizens.


Rulers and administrators must be chosen among the most qualified citizens. If leaders betray the trust of God and the people should be expelled and replaced by others.

Islam imposes sanctions to all crimes that affect the safety and integrity of society as, for example, killing, terrorism, theft, adultery, homosexuality, alcoholism and defamation.

Those not Muslims can manage their private lives as marriage, divorce, food, heritage, according to the instructions of their religions or according to the Islam if they want to. They have the right to choose between paying the Zakat or special tax place called 'Jizyah'. In both cases, the Islamic State is forced to save them protection and safety and freedom of religion.


-International life:


All people are children of Adam, equal in their human status and its purpose. Muslims respect the interests of others and their rights to life retain their properties and his honor provided they do not usurp the rights of Muslims. El Islam rejects all kinds of transgression.


Holy war - according to Islam — means helping oppressed peoples to recover their freedom and their legitimate rights to freely choose their doctrines and way of life. Islam does not, and never did, the obligation, blackmail or bribery to make it one to Islam; although the Muslims are those who have suffered and continue to suffer oppression and economic obligations and blackmail. As proof of this, what happened in Spain, Palestine, India, Borma, Bosnia. Non-Muslims: Christians and Jews have always in Islamic societies of security and protection and respect for their rights.


Muslims only resort to war when their safety is imperiled. Islam does not justify, in the States of war - the destruction of crops, not allowed to give death to women who do not fight, children and the elderly.


It should respect international treaties provided the other parties remain faithful to their obligations. It cannot be broken treaties by political or economic gains temporary.




Author: Dr. M. Ibrahem Elmasry



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