Fifty ways of seek Allah's reward and the forgiveness of sins

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50 ways to find the reward of Allaah and the forgiveness of sins


Praise be to Allah, Lord of the universe, peace and blessings be with the noblest of prophets and messengers.

This message is addressed to all Muslim who worships Allaah does not associate anything, the greatest of all Muslim goal being to leave this world and that Allah have forgiven you all the sins and not be questioned by the day of the trial and enter paradise forever.

In this writing is a practical guide to 50 tips for those who seek the reward of Allaah and the forgiveness of their sins. We ask Allaah, who there is no other divinity except he who accept our works, he is who hear you everything, knows everything.

(1) - Repentance

"Who repent until the sun rises in the West, Allah, he accepts his repentance." Muslim 2703.

"Allah all mighty, accepts the repentance of the servant while his soul has not reached the throat - death-".

(2) - Exit in search of knowledge

"Who embarks on the road in pursuit of Allah knowledge, makes the road to paradise". Muslim 2699.

(3) - Remember to Allah

"You want that you report which is the best of your works, the more pure before your sovereign, the higher grades, better to deal with the enemy". They said: Yes; He replied: "the remembrance of Allaah". At-Tirmidhi 3347.

(4) - Do favors and indicate the path of the good

"All please is a charity and indicates who do a good work is like who makes it" to the - 10/374 Bukhari, Muslim 1005.

(5) - The virtues of the Dawa

It will "who invites you to the guide have the reward equal to who follow, without affecting you absolutely nothing in his reward." Muslim 2674.

(6) - Sort the good and forbid the evil

"Who of you see an evil that change it with his hand, who is unable to do so with his word and who cannot reject his heart and this is the weakest of faith expression". Muslim 49.

(7) - Reciting the Holy Quran

"Recitad the Koran, will be an intercessor to the day of judgment for their people." Muslim 804.

(8) - Learn the Holy Quran and teach it

"The best of you is who learn the Holy Quran and teaches it." Al - Bukhari 9/66.

(9) - Greet with Salam (peace)

"Not until you believe you ingresaréis to paradise, and not 2behold until you love." "You want to indicate you something if you put into practice you amaréis, gives you the Salam each other." Muslim 54.

(10) - Love for Allah

"Allah, high is, tell you the day of judgment: where are those who are loved by my?" "Today will put them under my shadow, and on this day there will be no other shade than mine." Muslim 2566.

(11) - Visiting the sick

"There is no Muslim, who visit in the morning his Muslim brother is sick, while seventy thousand Angels ask blessings for him until nightfall;" "and if other seventy thousand Angels visit at night asked by him until dawn and you will have a garden in Paradise". To Al - Tirmidhi 969.

(12) - Helping people in the faith

"Who helped to a person who is in difficulty, Allah will provide their affairs in this life and in the other." Muslim 2699.

(13) - Cover the defects of others

"If a servant covers defects in his brother, Allah cover their own day of reckoning". Muslim 2590.

(14) - Strengthen family ties

"Family ties are linked to the divine throne and who keep the ties together stays together with Allah, and who break them will break its ties with Allah." Al - Bukhaari 10/350, Muslim 2555.

(15) - Good character

He asked the Messenger of Allaah(peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)on what can make the people from entering paradise, he replied: "the fear of Allah and good character". At - Tirmidhi 2003.

(16) - Sincerity

"Be honest, because the sincerity leads to benevolence;" "and kindness leads to paradise." Al - Bukhaari 10/423, Muslim 2607.

(17) - Control before the ira

"Who controls in anger can take in retaliation, Allaah will call you the day of the trial in front of all of creation and you will choose the houris that you want". To Al - Tirmidhi 2.22.

(18) - Atone for what has been said out of place in a meeting

"Who sits in a meeting are pronounced where critical and insults and says before retiring from there: be glorified and praisedOh Allah." "I attest that there is no other divinity except you, I apologize and I regret" sforgiven era". "

(19) - Patience

"Every disease, pain, concern, sadness, prejudice or misfortune suffered by the Muslim, even nailing a thorn, Allah will forgive so their sins". Al - Bukhari 10/91.

(20) - The benevolence with parents

"That bad, that abhorrent, that bad". Asked: who o Messenger of Allaah? "He said: those who have one parent or both reaching old age and not win the paradise taking care of them". Muslim 2551.

(21) - Deal with widows and the needy

"Who take care of widows and the needy, their effort is equivalent to who prays and fasts permanently". To Al - Bukhaari 10/366.

(22) - caring for orphans

"I and who take care of the orphans will be in paradise as well", and noted the finger index and a half. To Al - Bukhaari 10/365.

(23) - The ablution

"Who is the ablution properly, sins leave your body underneath your nails". Muslim 245.

(24) - Pronouncing the testimony of faith after the ablution

"Who correctly perform the ablution and then say: attest that there is no other divinity except Allah, single, without partners;" and I attest that Muhammad is his servant and Messenger. "" Oh Allah tell me between the purified and the repentant"you are open the gates of paradise and may enter by which of them you want to". Muslim 234.

(25) - Say a prayer after the call to prayer

"Who said after the call to prayer:"Oh, Allah!"" "" Lord of this perfect call, prayer is about to begin, give Muhammad your favors and Wasila (a place in Paradise) and honorable place that you have booked "you will be allowed her intercession the day of judgment". Al - Bukhari 2 / 77.

(26) - Build a mosque

"Who built a mosque with the desire of pleasing Allah, you will be built a house in Paradise". Al - Bukhaari 450.

(27) - Clean teeth with a Miswak

"If it deems not heavy for my nation, had ordered them to use the Miswak before every sentence". Al - 27 Bukhari / Muslim 252, 331.

(28) - Go to the mosque

"Who go to the mosque in the morning or in the evening, Allah will you have reserved a place in Paradise". Al - Bukhari 2/124, Muslim669.

(29) - Performing the five prayers

"Any Muslim who go to a prescribed prayer, correctly the ablution, and performed with concentration;" "it will be for the atonement of their sins, if they are not serious, and so forever." Muslim228.

(30) - Done in its time (Fayr) morning prayer and evening prayer ('Asr)

"Whoever the morning and evening prayers (in your time zone) will enter into paradise". Al - Bukhari 2/43.

(31) - Perform the prayer of the day Friday (Jumu'ah ' to)

"Who correctly perform the ablution, then go to perform the Friday prayers, listen to the sermon and silence, you will be forgiven the sins between that Friday and the previous". Muslim 857.

(32) - Hours that are answered the pleas day Friday

"On Friday there is a schedule, that in which, if the Muslim servant is praying or praying to Allah, (your request) is granted". Al - Bukhari 2/344, Muslim 852.

(33) - Make a sentence after committing a lack

"That servant who commits a sin, if then the ablution is performed correctly, and prays a prayer (two raka'ah ' at) and asks for forgiveness Allah, it is forgiven". Abu Dawood 15521.

(35) - Pray for the night

"The best of the prayers after the mandatory, is performed at night." Muslim 1163.

(36) - The prayer of the media tomorrow (Duha ))

"Every day, every Member of the body must do a charity;" but each glorification (say subhanallah) is considered a charity, every praise and Declaration of divine oneness (say alhamdulillah wa Allah Allah ilaha) is also a charity, each aggrandizement of Allah (say Allahu Akbar), similar to sort the good and forbid the evil. "A sentence (two raka'ah ' at) in the average equal tomorrow all these acts of charity". Muslim 720.

( 37)-Ask blessings on the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

"Who asks blessings for me, Allah blesses therefore ten times". Muslim 384.

(38) - Fasting

"The servant that fasting one day for the cause of Allah - exalted is, - Allah pulling away from fire why seventy years". Al - Bukhaari 6/35, Muslim 1159.

(40) - The fast of Ramadan

"Who fasts in Ramadan with faith and waiting for divine reward you are forgiven their sins." Al - Bukhari 4/221, Muslim 760.

(41) - Fast six days in the month of Shawual

"Who is fasting the month of Ramadan and then six days of the month of Shawual, will be as if he ayunase his life". Muslim 1164.

(42) - Fasting the day of Arafat

"Fasting the day of Arafat serves as atonement for the sins of the previous year and this year". Muslim 1162.

(43) - Fasting the day of 'Ashura

"Fasting the day of 'Ashura, is Allah to forgive the faults of the previous year". Muslim 1162.

(44) - Feeding the ayunante

"Who gives food to an ayunante will get the reward of having fasted without affecting you in anything the reward to the ayunante". To Al - Tirmidhi, 807.

(45) - Pray during the night of Decree

"Who prays during the night of Decree with faith and hoping to be rewarded for it, you are forgiven their sins". Al - Bukhari 4/221, Muslim 1165.

(46) - Do charity

"Charity erases sins as the water puts out the fire." To Al - Tirmidhi, 2616.

(47) - The greater pilgrimage (Hajj) and the lowest ('Umrah ))

"Make a 'Umrah is Expiation for what has been done that between 'Umrah and the previous, and the pilgrimage accepted by Allah has no other reward than paradise". Muslim 1349.

(48) - The good actions in the first ten days of the month of Dhul Hijjah

"There is no other days that are good deeds that are more loved by Allaah that the first ten days of the month of Dhul Hijjah". Asked: or even fight for the cause of Allah? He replied: "not even fight for the cause of Allah, except a person who comes to fight exposing his person, contributing with their property and dies on the way". Al - Bukhari 2 / 381.

(49) - Fight for a just cause

"A day of effort for the cause of Allah is better than the whole world and how much there is in him;" "the size of a fingerprint in Paradise is better than the whole world and how much there is in the". Al - Bukhari 6 / 11.

(50) - Perform the prayer for the deceased and follow the funeral procession

"Who attend a funeral and to pray for the deceased will get a reward qirat , and those who participate until his funeral will get two qirat." Was asked: what are two qirat? He answered: "Are like two great mountains of rewards". Al - Bukhari 3 / 158, Muslim 945.

Want to Allaah grant us the sincerity of work because of him and seeking his pleasure and reward.

Peace and blessings of Allah be with Prophet Muhammad, his family, his companions and followers until the day of judgment.


50 formas de buscar la recompensa de Allah y el perdón de los pecados



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