Prophecies of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) in the Books of Old

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Prophecies of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) in the Books of Old


Allah Almighty said, {And verily, it is in the Scriptures of former peoples.}[Al-Shu`araa' 26: 196]


Allah's Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh), was foretold in the books held sacred in other religions, though what we hold in our hands today are but the remnants of the words of the prophets of old after they were corrupted, subtracted from, and changed. Yet, it is the Will of Allah (Mighty & Majestic) that some of these prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) remain in the books they hold sacred.


Among the scriptures of old which contain glad tidings of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (pbuh) are:


1.The Samaveda: one of the sacred books of the Brahmins, which states, "Ahmad receives the law from his Lord, and it is full of wisdom. It was taken from the light as one takes from the sun."



2.  From the book, Nada Avasta: A prophecy about the Messenger in which he is described as "mercy to the worlds" (sooshiyant) and, throwing obstacles in his way was an enemy, called in Persian: Abu Lahab. He invited people to worship One God, who has no equal (heej jeezbaar wa namaar).



3.In the book, Zaradashtiya: "When the nation of Zaradasht turns away from their religion, they will decline, and a man from the land of the Arabs with followers from Persia will rise and subjugate the arrogant Persians, and after worshipping fire in their temples, they will turn their faces toward the Ka`aba of Abraham which was cleansed of idols. On that day, they—the followers of the Prophet—will become mercy for the worlds, and leaders of Persia, Madian, Tous, and Balakh, and these are the holy places for Zaradashtians and those around them. Their prophet will be eloquent and speak in miracles."



4.In the book, Bafooshiya Baranim (Bahoosh Baranim): "At that time, a foreigner will be sent with his companions, and his name will be Muhaamad, and his title will be the Praised Teacher, and he will purify the kingdom with the purifying fifth."



5.In the book, Uru Afydam (Idharuwidam): "Oh people! Hear and know! The Muhammad will be sent in the midst of the people…and his greatness will be praised, even in Heaven. He will subjugate it to him and he is the Muhaamad."



6.In the book, Banushiya Baranim, there is a description of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh), "They are those who get circumcised, and they do not grow goatees; they grow full beards and call the people to prayer in a loud voice. They eat most animals, except swine."


Who are the people who call to prayer in a loud voice (the adhan)?


They are the Muslims, who make the call to prayer periodically, inviting the people to their Creator and the Creator of all things.


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