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Question: How do you say that Allah is Alone in His creation whereas Allah Himself affirms (the attribute of) creation for His creatures. He has called His creatures as, 'creators.' (in the Qur'an) and in a Hadeeth of Prophet it will be said to the artist (on the Day of Resurrection), "Bring to life that which you created."
Reply: The creation of man is not creation in reality because creation means originating (bringing into existence) from non-existence. When man creates something he does not originate it from non-existence. He only manipulates a thing from one shape to another.
Similarly, if it is asked (with regards to the Attribute of) al-Malik (the Owner), "How do you say that Allah is Alone in His Ownership whereas Allah affirmed ownership for others besides Him. He says in the Qur'an, "Except from their wives or that which their right hands own...” [Soorah al-Muminoon (23): 6] and He said, "or whereof you own the keys." [Soorah an-Nur (24): 61]
Reply: Ownership of man is not like the Ownership of Allah because the Ownership of Allah includes everything and is Absolute without restrictions whereas the ownership of man does not include everything and is restricted.
For example, a watch which is with me is not owned by you and the watch that is with you is not owned by me. So, it is a restricted ownership.
Similarly, the creation's ownership is not an absolute ownership because I cannot do anything I desire with the watch. I am restricted by the Sharee'ah (legislations of Islam) which is the authority. So if one wants to break his watch then this is not permissible for him because the Messenger prohibited wastage of money. So how about damaging it? Therefore, the scholars say that a man, even if a sane adult, who has wife and children, is a spendthrift and does not spend with responsibility, (then) he should be restricted from (spending) his wealth.
Allah, on the other hand, does with His Dominion as He Wills. He gives life and causes death. He causes sickness and He cures. He blesses His creation with richness and He afflicts them with poverty. We believe that Allah does what He Wills along with the belief that He does not do anything except for Wisdom.
There is thus a difference between the Ownership of the Creator and the ownership of the creation. We thus know that our statement, "Allah is alone in His Dominion" is correct and nothing is excluded from it (i.e., Allah's Dominion).
Similarly, running the affairs of the universe could be for man with regards to handling his servants or those under his patronage or his car, etc., but this running of affairs is not like Allah's running the affairs.
Running of affairs by man is deficient and restricted. Deficient because man does not posses control over it in the absolute sense. Perhaps, man owns a camel but the camel disobeys him. Perhaps, man controls his son but the son opposes him. It is thus restricted control and moreover, man can only control those things which Allah has given him power over. With this proves true our saying, "Allah Alone controls the affairs of the universe," just like the saying, "Allah is Alone in His Creation and Dominion."
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