Stories of Great Converts; Wish and Request

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Stories of Great Converts; Wish and Request



Having read the previously mentioned wonderful stories of the great people who changed their course of life to the best, more fitting and the most guided, we all would definitely have many feelings and various perceptions.

No doubt that we want to know more and more about their lives. Undoubtedly, history has not pointed out many details about their great ones, which we would hope to know. Unfortunately, most of them left the land we live on to a no-return world. I ask Allah Almighty to dwell them in paradise, Ameen!

Do you know what I wish right now?!

I wish if I record the story of every convert to Islam worldwide! By saying "every convert to Islam ", I mean it definitely. I do not want to only record the stories of the celebrities and dignitaries who converted to Islam; rather, I want to record the story of every man could take this magnificent resolution to face the challenges awaiting him after conversion to Islam. I want to know the story of physicians, professors, the petty workers and farmers, Americans,England, and the Germans, Ugandan, Cambodian and the Brazilians, thinkers, writer and nuns, housewives, collegiate, and the employees in supermarkets. The stories of these are already exist in large numbers and are very wonderful.

What prompted them to convert to Islam?


What challenges they encountered? How do they think at the present? How were they thinking before conversion to Islam?

What are their wishes, aspirations and goals? How do they treat their families, neighbors, and society?

Such are very significant humane experiences and very useful. Their benefits are not limited to a particular stage; rather, Inshallah, it will continue to the Day of Judgment.

I believe that it is more cogent for non-Muslims to convert to Islam is to read on a compatriot man or woman who converted to Islam.

This incites me to call to a project recording the stories of the New Contemporary Muslims.

It is a call to all Muslims worldwide to send us the stories of these converts coupled with photos, statistics, data and proofs to record them to benefit all humanity. might be the nucleus for this project (Peruse: appendix of interviewing a New Convert).

Let all who read "Great Converts" book send me all stories they have about the new converts and every one of us send to his acquaintances abroad this notion to send back their stories for us which will be posted on the website and putting them in books and articles to circulate the benefit and spread facts.

The demonstrations of Allah are decisive and the religion of Allah is comprehensive. People wandering in the courses of atheism and aberration are in need to the guidance of Islam and the light of revelation. Whoever could ignite a candle or enlighten a course should do that without hesitation.



Allah Almighty is dominant, but most of people do not know.

Source: the end of "Great Converts" book, by Dr. Ragheb El-Sergani


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