The Attributes of God According to Non-Muslims (The Hindus)

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The Attributes of God According to Non-Muslims (The Hindus)
The Hindu religion is a very difficult religion to understand. It has no known messenger and no particular prophet. It has neither spiritual guides nor special leaders who can be considered the founders of this religion or the initiators of its message. Likewise, it has no known source or scripture that is agreed upon as the authoritative word and final reference.
     As such, this religion contains an enormous collection of myths and contradictory beliefs which the Hindus have inherited. They have drawn from a variety of sources on the subject of purification of the soul and its development according to the beliefs of these misguided people.[1]
     The Hindu religion has adopted a rigid system of class divisions. People are divided into four castes, the highest of which are the Brahmins and the lowest of which are the Shudras. Then there are the Untouchables, who were not created for any reason other than to serve those in the castes above them.
     Suffice it to say that:
     Such a religion contains both the meager and the fat, fluctuating between facts and fables, and claiming the existence of many different gods, following their whims and myths and false doctrines. They describe these 'gods' in ways so reprehensible and corrupt that the tongue is shy to repeat them. They imagine them in the form of statues that a modest person is embarrassed to look at. Among them are others who worship cows and other animals. May Allah (Mighty & Majestic) be exalted high above all this blasphemy.
     We have previously shown and proven the impossibility of the existence of a partner or peer beside Allah (Mighty & Majestic).
[1]Paraphrased from the book, And Verily, You Are of an Exalted Standard of Character (Wa Innaka la `ala Khuluqin `Adhim), by al-Mubarakfouri
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