The Attributes of God According to Non-Muslims (The Zoroastrians)

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The Attributes of God According to Non-Muslims (The Zoroastrians)


Zarathustra is considered the founder of the Zoroastrian religion, which appeared before the appearance of the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary (peace be upon him) by about six centuries.

     The Zoroastrians have said that evil is represented in Satan, and they have claimed that Satan stood up to God and fought him until he defeated Him. Thereafter, their god became subservient to Satan and his conditions. Thus, over time, this so-called 'Satan' became like a god, until he attained absolute authority which will last until the end of the time of life.

     Then, after the end of the time of life, there will come the turn of the god of the next time. May Allah be exalted high above all this blasphemy.

     Later, the delusions and fables of the Christians mixed with those of the Zoroastrians (as falsehood combines and mixes with falsehood) and the corrupt, wicked result was a completely dualistic system: a god of light and a god of darkness. They became equal in life and power, each one conquering the other forever. One of them would defeat and destroy the other in an endless cycle. One of them, however, does not die. The god of darkness, as represented in Satan, is the ruler in this age, and the god of light will be the victor in the coming age, in the world of light which will be the realm of the spirits only, without bodies. And so it will be, without end (Allah's Curse be upon them).

     Allah save us all from corruption in our reason and good nature.

     May Allah be glorified above having a partner in His kingdom, or above being described with inability and weakness, or any such attributes as are not befitting of Him (Noble & Sublime).

     For, to Allah (Glorious & Exalted) belongs complete perfection in His Being and Names.

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