The Attributes of God According to Non-Muslims (The Jews)

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The Attributes of God According to Non-Muslims (The Jews)
We have previously shown that the Jews have corrupted their sacred scripture, the Torah, by following their vain desires, pride, and malice. We have also discussed the testimony of Dr. Maurice Bucaille to this effect. He said, "No rational person could deny the forsaking of the People of the Book (Jews & Christians) of the Holy Scripture with which they were entrusted: the Torah and the Gospels. The Torah that they say was written by Moses, tells them, "So Moses the servant of the Lord died there in the land of Moab, according to the word of the Lord. * And he buried him in a valley in the land of Moab…" [Deuteronomy 34: 5-6]
     How could Moses (peace be upon him) write that he died and was buried?
This is but one of many examples of the fabricated stories and the ugliness of the loathsome, corrupt statements contained in the Torah and attributed to prophets and righteous men. Here are other examples:
-          The Jews (Allah's Curse be upon them) claim that Allah's Prophet Lot (peace be upon him) slept with his two daughters while he was drunk on wine and that they bore him children.
-          They claim that Allah's Prophet Solomon (peace be upon him) was a wizard king and that his father was an anointed king.
-          They claim that Joseph (peace be upon him) undid his waistband and the waistband of his master's wife and that he sat with her as a man does with his wife, but that the wall split open on him and he saw his father, Jacob, biting his nails, but he did not rise until the Angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) descended and said, "Oh Joseph, would you be one of the fornicators when you are counted before God as one of the prophets?" Whereupon, he rose. That is what they say, Allah's Curse be upon them.
-          This angry nation also accuse Allah's Prophet, the Messiah, son of Mary (peace be upon him) of practicing magic. They say, "He is a magician, the son of a whore." They accuse his mother of fornication, Allah's Curse be upon them.
We would like to point out that, at the same time the Christians falsely and wickedly ascribed divinity to Allah's Prophet, Jesus, son of Mary (peace be upon him), the Jews denied him and ascribed to him and his mother illegitimacy and fornication, in error and contempt. They called his mother, the Virgin Mary, a whore until Allah's Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him), came with the clear truth—a statement containing neither exaggeration nor denial—that negated the divinity of Jesus, son of Mary (pbuh) but at the same time, affirmed his status as a prophet, Allah's slave and His messenger.
     There are many, many more examples of the Jews' lies and myths about their prophets and righteous men.
     They also say in their prayers about their God in the first ten days of every month, "Beware! As you are sleeping, oh Lord! Awake from your slumber."
     These people have dared to utter such blasphemous lies from the intensity of their vexation at being humbled and enslaved.
     Among the Jews, there are also those who have uttered a lie against Allah by saying that Ezra (Uzayr) is the son of God, may Allah be glorified high above such a lie.
     The Jews have also taken their rabbis and scribes as lords beside Allah, calling them divinely-inspired, to the extent that these scribes permit that which Allah has forbidden and forbid that which Allah has permitted, in error and contempt, and the Jews follow them.
     The Jews deny the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), even though they find his description and good tidings in the Torah, and even though he was supported by Allah (Glorious & Exalted) with miracles and wonders which were produced at his hands. In fact, they attempted to murder him as they had the prophets and messengers of old. They did this for no other reason than that they believe that the prophet foretold in the Torah would come from among them, and be of their lineage. So when the prophet of the end times came from the Arabs (the sons of Ishmael), they were angered and their swollen pride and malice kept them from following him, since he did not come from among them or from their kind. That is why they denied him as a prophet (pbuh) after having been one of the reasons that the people of Medina believed in Allah's Messenger (pbuh).
We would like to point out the following: that among the historical evidence for the prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh) and the truth of his claim and message is:
The Jews were one of the main reasons that the inhabitants of Medina believed in the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) after they had been idol-worshippers. Even though the people of Medina were at the same time enemies of the Jews, the Jews used to invoke Allah to gain victory over the people of Medina, telling them that a prophet was soon to come from among them and fight alongside them, destroying the people of Medina as the peoples of `Aad and Iram had been destroyed.The people of Medina had no knowledge of the awaited prophet, except from the Jews. Yet, when the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) came forth from the Arabs, all the people of Medina preceded the Jews in believing in him (pbuh) and in recognizing that he (pbuh) was the prophet foretold by the Jews. Thus the Jews became ever more angry and spiteful than they were before, simply because the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had come from the Arabs and because the people of Medina believed in him (pbuh) before they did. 
     There was not one of the Jews that did not deny that Muhammad (pbuh) was a prophet and reject his message, even though they were convinced of his prophethood and the veracity of his message.
     This was simply due to the incredible arrogance in which the Jews' hearts were wrapped. It was because of their spite and malice for those who were not of their kind, who were not of their people. Perhaps all we have mentioned will explain to us the character of the Jews, revealing their ideas and beliefs about their God that stem from their ethnocentrism and hatred for the other.
     As such, the Jews claim that their religion does not accept outsiders, and that all of humanity has been created to serve them. Among them there are those who have gone to the extent of claiming that there is no harm in usurping the money and belongings of non-Jews. On this, Allah Almighty says,
{Among the people of the Scripture (Jews & Christians)is he who, if entrusted with a great amount of wealth, will readily pay it back, and among them there is he who, if entrusted with a single silver coin, will not repay it unless you constantly stand, demanding, for they say, "There is no blame on us in betraying and taking the property of the illiterates (Arabs)." But they tell a lie against Allah while they are aware.}
[Aal-`Imran 3: 75]
     Though they proclaim the Oneness of Allah, the Jews have described Him in reprehensible terms.
     Even though the religion professed by the Jews contains great corruption and deviance, they claim that God has approved it for them in this form and condition, may Allah be glorified high above all this.
     This is in addition to the fact that they denied the prophets and messengers of Allah, and even fought and killed them, following in this their vain desires, their arrogance, and their trivial passions.
     Despite all this, they claim that God approves of these things from them, and that they are God's children and His beloved people. That is why they say that Allah is pleased with them, but they are deceived in this, may God, the Wise & Just Creator be exalted above decreeing for them this religion which contains corruption and wickedness—as in the falsehoods they utter about their prophets and righteous men, as we have shown—and which contains ethnocentrism, and more.
     In the thought and doctrine of the Jews, God is only the God of Israel. To them, He is exclusive to them, to the exclusion of all other tribes and nations. They believe that He loves them, and no one else. They think that He loves their groups and their progeny. They also say that God does not choose prophets from anyone other than them. And it is the same for holy men. They believe that He does not accept worship from anyone other than them. This is why they claim that Paradise is only for them. May Allah (Mighty & Majestic) be glorified above being a discriminatory, ethnocentric god, as the Jews claim Him to be.
     In doing so, the Jews have debased and made their God and Creator reproachable, because:
     They have ascribed to God injustice, xenophobia, and boorishness towards all other human beings, of every tribe and nation. They have said that there is no hope for the rest of mankind from this God, since all other tribes and nations are rejected by Him.
     Through these claims, they have described God as lacking in wisdom.
     Because Allah created all human beings to worship Him, and to believe in all of His prophets and messengers, to follow them and obey the laws with which they have come.
     Because the God of the Jews does not accept anyone but them, and He does not accept worship from anyone other than them, there is no hope for any of the other nations and peoples to worship and draw near to this God Who created them. Thus, they must search for another god to be pleased with them and to whom to draw near. We say this to refute and reproach the lies and blasphemy of the Jews, for this is, without a doubt, a description of a God without wisdom. May Allah be exalted high above this.
     There are many, many other examples of the abominable and reprehensible attributes with which they accuse Allah Almighty in this corrupt belief system they profess.
     The Jews (Allah' Curse be upon them) dishonor their God by describing Him as having a large body, may Allah be honored greatly above this.
     The result of this description is that it erroneously characterizes God as being limited in saying that there is a place that could contain Him. May Allah be glorified above this.
     Allah (Mighty & Majestic) is the Creator of space and time. He is the Creator of all things. There was before the creation of time and space, except Allah Almighty.
     Allah Most High cannot be contained by either time or space.
     As such, the Jews will be the first ones to follow the false Messiah, the Antichrist, who will come at the end of time and claim divinity by the trials and tribulations that he will come with, for Allah (Mighty & Majestic) will produce them at the hands of the Antichrist, the Dajjal, so that Allah (Glorious & Exalted) might test the belief of His slaves and try their faith.
     Allah (Glorious & Exalted) has made apparent that which will testify and make clear the lies and blasphemy of the Antichrist, such as the defect that will be in one of his eyes.
     So, even though the Antichrist will claim divinity, he will not be able to remove the defect and deformity in himself, as a humiliation from Allah Almighty for him in this world before the Next.
     Another example of the obvious falsehood of his claim to divinity is his special limitations. He will be confined to a body, whether small or large.
     For it would not be rational for God the Creator to exist in a limited form or body, whether small or large.
     Yet, despite this face, we find the Jews waiting for him, and they will be the first ones to believe in him, due to the corruption of their beliefs and conceptions about the Being of Allah Almighty.
We shall now proceed to prove logically, through their own beliefs, the enormity of the lie in their claims to be the chosen people of Allah Most High, and we will do so in debate form.
     It should be said to them: What do you say concerning Job (peace be upon him)? Do you admit that he was a prophet?
     They would say: Yes.
     It should then be said to them: Was he one of the children of Israel?
     They would say: No.
     It should be said to them: What do you say concerning the majority of the children of Israel? (By this we are referring to the nine tribes who were lead astray by Jeroboam, son of Nebat, who rebelled against the son of Solomon, son of David (peace be upon them), and made for them two rams of gold, and offerings were made by a group of the children of Israel and the people from every part of the realm of their king, which was known at that time by the name of Shechem, until war broke out between them and the two and a half tribes who were true believers, who stood by the son of Solomon in the Holy Temple and killed five thousand people in one battle.)
     What do you say about all those people who were killed? What do you say about the nine and a half tribes?
     Did God love them because they were Israelites?
     They will say: No, because they were disbelievers.
     Then it should be said to them: Does it not say in the Torah that there is no difference between one who enters your religion and one who is born into it?
     They will say: Of course, it does. The Torah speaks of this, for the foreigner and those of you of pure blood are equal before God.
     Therefore, they have admitted that God does not love those of them who are transgressors, but He loves the believers, even if they are not from their faction, and they have admitted that prophets and righteous people can be chosen from outside their ranks.[1]
     And so we have disproved the claim of the Jews that God has chosen them over the rest of creation.
[1]The Method of Argument and Debate in Settling Matters of Belief(Manhaj al-Jadal wal-Munadharah fi Taqrir al-I`tiqaad), by Uthman Ali Hassan
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