The Attributes of God, the Creator, According to Non-Muslims

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The Attributes of God, the Creator, According to Non-Muslims


The Christians and Jews have attributed shortcomings and imperfections to their God and Creator, Whom they should have glorified, praised and declared free of all such accusations and lies.

     After their prophets came to them with pure monotheism—the worship of only Allah (Noble & Sublime)—they all deviated from it over time. They lowered their ideas to the level of paganism. In fact, in the scriptures they hold sacred, they put into writing fables and fantastic inventions about God Almighty that are no more elevated than the base, idolatrous concepts of pagans who have not received a Divine Message or known any scripture sent from Allah.

     All previous messages have become subject to total loss. What is left of them are just some scattered memories which are passed on orally and interpreted on whim--adding, subtracting, and corrupting at will—until their removal from Divine Sanction reached completion, and they were thrown into the embrace of ancient pagan and philosophical texts, rendering them incapable of guiding anyone who follows them.

     This is the real reason behind the injustices perpetrated in the world today.

     By the time transcription of some of these ancient memories was finished (especially those of the Christians and Jews), it had been completed in languages other than the original language of revelation, by the pens of various scribes, in various places, at various times. Many centuries had also passed since the death or ascension of the prophet who received the original message, which thus lost its full Divine origin.

     The proof of this is the vast number of scriptures and gospels—belonging to the Jews and Christians—that have been changed or lost.

     And that is not all. The information therein is contradictory and many corrections have taken place up to the present day, and it will remain that way as long as Allah wills. Indeed, the study of such contradictions has become a field of research known as 'Higher Criticism.'

     To testify to this fact, we have Professor Maurice Bucaille, who Allah Almighty guided to Islam, for he said, "No rational human being could deny that the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) forsook the Book of Allah—the Torah and the Gospels--with which they were entrusted. They say that Moses wrote the Torah, meaning that he said, 'So Moses, the servant of the Lord, died there in the land of Moab, according to the word of the Lord. And he buried him in the valley of the land of Moab…' [Deuteronomy 34: 5]"

     And as for the Gospels, it is enough to take one look at the genealogies attributed to Jesus Christ, son of Mary (peace be upon him), their discrepancies and differences. And they went to all this trouble even though they admit that Jesus Christ, son of Mary (pbuh), was born of Mary without a father!

     As we have said, the Holy Quran which was sent down upon the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has remained the only source of Divine Guidance.

     The proof of this is that the Holy Quran is one book; it does not consist of multiple books like the others. The Muslim community—north and south, east and west—all agree upon it and rally around it. That is because there will not be any other Divine Scripture revealed after the revelation of the Holy Quran, nor will any prophet or messenger be sent after the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and the One Who promised to preserve it is Allah (Glorious & Exalted).

     As testament to this fact, Dr. Maurice Bucaille, in his book, The Bible, the Quran and Science, mentions the following in his introduction:


I conducted a study of the Quran, without any preconceived ideas, and with complete objectivity. I was looking at the degree of agreement between the Quranic text and the given facts of modern science…


He then goes on to say, "I was able to draw up a chart, and I learned when it was finished that the Quran does not contain any statements which can be criticized from the perspective of modern science."

     Then he proceeded with the same objectivity, "I undertook the same examination of the Old Testament (the Torah) and the New Testament, and I found statements that could not be reconciled with it (modern science), not to mention the contradictions within the New Testament and its clash with the facts of history.

     That is why we are not surprised at some of the ways in which the Jews and Christians describe their God as being defective and imperfect, blameworthy and reproachable in the books they hold sacred, even though they are called 'the People of the Book.' It is because of their corruption and waywardness.


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