The devotional love in Islam - First Part

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The devotional love in Islam - First Part




Allah said: "Say: If you really love Allah follow me!" "And Allah will love and will forgive you sins." (3:31)


This Aleya is called Aleya of love and devotion. It is said that a group of people said to supposedly love to Allah I, and then when it was revealed the Aleya was showing that love to Allah I has a test and a result. The test is to follow the Messenger of Allah r and the result is the love for the Prophet r



Wing says: "tell [Oh, Muhammad!]: If your fathers, sons, brothers, wives and family, property that you have purchased, businesses fear losing and properties that you have and you like they are more beloved to you than Allah, his Messenger and the fight for their cause, because then wait I remains the punishment of Allah". (9: 24)


WingIordered his Prophetrthat note to those who give priority to their families, property, clans, businesses and homes as has ordered them wingIand was pleased to.

Said Ibn Kazir: "i.e., if all these things are most beloved to Allah, then rest assured that you will reach your punishment."


All this demonstrates the importance of always prioritize what loves and is pleasing to Allah. Why must love what he loves Allah I and hate who hates wing always following the example of the Messenger of Allah r I.

Said wingI: "O believers!" "If some of you deny their religion, wing impersonate them by others who love and they you will love and that will be compassionate with believers, severe with unbelievers, and fight for the cause of Allah without fear of any reproach." (5:54)



This Aleya are four characteristics:

The humility to the believers, that is caring, loving, indulgent.

1 But strict and firm with unbelievers.

2. The fight in the cause of Allah and the road I with the words, goods and the facts, and all this is a demonstration of love and devotion.

3. Do not fear to the criticisms, and this is a proof of unconditional love and devotion.


Said wingI: "They seek the means of closer to his Lord, crave his mercy and fear of his punishment". (17: 57), this Aleya refers to three States:

1. Love, which means the longing for its proximity and complacency.

2 Login to your complacency by pious works.

3. The longing and fear.


Love the servant is striving to achieve complianceI, we could even say that this love is the engine that drives the longing for closeness.


The Yahmiah sect and those who deny the names and attributes of AllahIdeny the existence of the above, since they deny that AllahIlove, because love is an action. Heart and way murdered sublime life that contains this life and the other. This is the reason why their hearts are hard and empty all love, and struck them wing I with the distance, a veil separates them from knowing their Lord, nor remember the names and attributes of Allah I except at the time deny them, since they consider the mere mention of the attributes and names the worst of sins. But devotion to Allah who is in your heart I and love, includes the offset which have fallen and the reason of the hardness of their hearts.



The best definition made on the meaning of devotional love was expressed by Al - Yunaid. Abu Bakr Al - Katani said: "the definition of"devotional love"was discussed in the city of Mecca, that wing I fill it with honor and prestige, during the days of the pilgrimage (Hajj)." Different scholars issued their views thereon, and al - Yunaid, who was the youngest of them, was asked: "Tell us your Iraqi opinion".



Then the Yunaid lowered the head and with tear-filled eyes said: "Un servant who loses the awareness itself, handed over to the memory of his Lord, fulfilling their obligations, observing his Lord through his heart, which ignite reverence to its light taste of the cup of your devotion, to discover the shame to the occult. "If then speaks do by Allah, and if it is pronounced do by Allah, and doing work by the order of Allah, and if it stops so with Wing, his whole being is wing, wing and with Wing".



At these words the sages present there cried and said one of them: "And who of us can add something to this definition?" "Which wing succor you, oh who of us knows best to his Lord!"

There are ten works that come to the servant to his master and delivered it to the devotional love:

1. The reading and reflection of the Holy Quran, assimilating its deep meanings and objectives.

2. The approach to wing through the voluntary works after fulfilled the mandatory.

3 Stay in your memory with scope language, the heart and the members.

4. Prioritize the love of the beloved to the seductions of the passion.

5. Open our hearts to the names and attributes of Allah, and its manifestations, meditating on the places of such wisdom.

6. Observe the revelations of his benevolence, their thanks and favors, the apparent and hidden.

7. Surrender to his divine essence.

8. Seize the moment of divine descent, reciting his book, ending the night with repentance (taubah) and the request for forgiveness (istigfar)

9 Accompany the sincere lovers of wing, meditating on his most sublime words and not to talk unless it is strictly necessary and productive for others.

10. Move away of everything that stands between your heart and the presence of Allah I

Narro Anas that the Messenger of Allahrsaid: "None of you complete your faith until I am more beloved to him that his son, his father and all of humanity".


"None of you will complete their faith" compulsory minimum, until the Messenger of Allahris more beloved to be his own. Relates that ' the Khattab Omar Ibn said: "Messenger of Allah!" "You are more beloved to me than all the things except my own being", then said the Prophet r: "there are no your faith be complete until it is more beloved to you than yourself". He said ' Omar: "Now you are more beloved to me than myself". He said (the Prophet r): "now ' Omar completed your faith".



Who claims to love the Prophetrbut do not follow his example or give priority to his sayings from the rest of the people, is a liar himself. Said Ala I:

"[Hypocrites] say: we believe in Allah and the Messenger, and I obey." "But then they do not obey because they aren't really believers." (24: 47)


In this Aleya denies the existence of faith (magnet) of those who deviate from the obedience to the Messenger of Allahr. All Muslim loves according to their degree of Islam, as well as all Muslim should be a believer, although it is not a believer in its maximum expression (i.e., with their faith or full), since it only reach some.

This hadeeth indicates that the works are integral part of faith (magnet), since love is a play that takes place in the heart.




Translation:Muhammad Isa Garcia

Dawa Office in Rabwah - Riyadh


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