The devotional love in Islam - Second Part

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The devotional love in Islam - Second Part




Love for the Messenger of Allah- pbuh- mandatory, and a consequence of the love of AllahIthe love of the Prophet increases as increases the love for AllahIin the heart of the believer, and decreases if this decreases. Anyone who loves Allah I loved by him and for him, and for this reason loves the faith and pious works.

Said the Messenger of Allah, pbuh,: "Who get three qualities you will find the sweetness of the faith: who loves a man and you love only for the cause of Allah;" "who loves above all things to Allah and his Prophet, and who hates to disbelief again...".


"Who get three qualities will find the sweetness of faith", the word "sweetness" is intended to describe a feeling (dhauq) which takes place in the heart when it experiences happiness and grace that feeds it.

As Suiuti said: "the sentence: 'the sweetness of faith' is a metaphor that compares the desire of the believer through faith (magnet) with something sweet, evidencing the existence of its consequence".



An Nauaui said: "the meaning of 'the sweetness of faith' is savoring the acts of worship and support difficulties, giving more importance to this worldly affairs." "Why the demonstration of the love of the servant by his master and his Messenger is comply with the acts of obedience and deviate from the prohibitions."


Love referred to in the sentence: "Who loves above all things to Allah and his Prophet" is human love that you feel towards your children, wife or material goods. However the Khattaabi said: "the love that is referenced is ' conscious or devotional love".



For the love of idolatrous whether much or little opposes love AllahIand his Messenger, pbuh,  The Hadith says: "Love with all your heart to Allah". A sign of love for Allah I, is to love what the ama and hate what he hates, giving priority to their complacency, looking for it with all its potential, moving away from the illicit and despising it. Following the example and the path of the Messenger of Allah r, as the Koran says:

"Who obey the Messenger is due to Allah". (4: 80).



Who give priority to orders or opinions of others on the Messenger of Allah, pbuh, evidence of their lack of love for Allah and his Messenger. The love of the Prophet r it is a consequence of the love of Allah I, so who loves Allah I and obey you, you will love the Messenger and will obey you.

A direct consequence of the love of AllahIis the respect for the godly and devout, as well as the love of the prophets, the envoys and sincere believers. The love of everything that is loved by Allah I is part of the perfection of faith.

"Who hates to disbelief again...", this Hadith is a rebuttal to extremists who considered that the Muslim who commits a sin or disobedience will have lost all of their faith, although you repent later.


The right thing is that if Muslim not repent after committing a sin or disobedience, their faith will be decreased, but if he repent their faith does not diminish or is corrupted.



Narro Ibn ' Abbas that the Messenger of Allah. pbuh, said: "Who loves by Allah, and odie by wing;" It is allied by enemy by wing and wing, there will be for the friendship and protection of wing. "The servant should not find the flavor of the faith until it is, even if much is your prayer and your fasting."

"Who love by wing" loving Muslims believers by wingIand in obedience to him.


"And odie by wing" polytheism and Sin even if it is a very close person who commits, as it says in the Qur'an:

"You will not find any people who creates in wing and the day of judgement you feel love for those who reject Allah and his Messenger, even though they are their parents, children, siblings or relatives". These [wing] has recorded the faith in their hearts, strengthened them with its light and eternally enters them gardens by where the rivers run. ALA welcomes them and they of him. These are those who believe in Allah. "Perhaps they are not the winners those who believe in Allah?" (22: 58)



"Is allied by wing and enemy by Allah", this is a condition of the authentic love of Allah, Almighty, since who loves Allah Almighty loves his cause, and especially loves his friends (allies). As well as feuds with those who oppose Allah I and religion (Din), and also those who commit sins. To enhances the love for Allah Almighty in the heart of the servant, these feelings become stronger, and its increase full monotheism (Tauhid).


"Thus met the friendship and protection of Allah", the friendship of AllahImeans your proximity, love, protection and support. It aired Ahmad and At-Tabarani that the Messenger of Allah r said: "the servant will not feel la purity of it la faith until you love for Allah and se enemiste by Allah." "When accomplishes this is worthy of the friendship of Allah". Another story says: "faith firmer grip is the love for wing and wing hatred".


"The servant should not find the flavor of faith" or its sweetness, albeit much prayer and fasting, unless you love by Allah and hates for Allah, is allied by wing and enemiste wingI.


Narro Abu Umamah that the Messenger of Allah, pbuh, said: "who loves by Allah, odie by wing, given by Allah and deny by wing completed their faith (magnet)".

Today most relationships are by worldly, Affairs and therefore they do not contribute to the faith but that otherwise harms, as said wingI:


"Know that day [in disbelief] friends will be enemies among others, and not have as well who feared to Allah". (43: 67)

 It happened as the Messenger of Allah , pbuh, prophesy itrwhen he said: "Islam has begun as a strange being, and it has to be a stranger as he began". The Sahaba during the life of the Prophet r and the caliphates of Abu Bakr and ' Omar showed total altruism on behalf of his brothers, for the love of Allah I and as a way of approaching, as mentioned in the Qur'an:


"Who were established in Medina and accepted the faith before his arrival, love those who migrated to them, do not feel any jealousy in their hearts by what has given [of the loot] and prefer them to themselves even though they are in dire need." "Those who have been preserved of greed will be the winners". (59: 9).



Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Messenger of Allah, pbuh, said: "certainly, Allah has said: who to demonstrate hostility to my beloved will declare unto you my enmity." My servant not approaching me with something more dear to me fulfilling what you've ordered, and if my servant continues bringing me through voluntary acts I love it. And when you love I will be your ear to hear, your view that sees, his hand with which hits and his leg that walks. "If asks Me something I will give, and if he seeks refuge in me protect it". Posted by Al Bukhari.



The pious are of two types:

1 - Those who come to win through compliance with the prescribed mandatory, including the observance of the precepts as abstinence from sins.

2 - Those who come to wingIthrough voluntary acts as well as mandatory. Clearly that the best way of approaching wing I and being a pious servant is obeying his orders, which we came through his Messenger Muhammad , pbuh. Who claim to follow another path tricks same and lost the way. Allah Almighty tells about the idolaters:

"Those who take others as protectors [and object of worship] abroad say: adore them only so bring us closer to wing [and mediate for us]..." (3: 39)



The first group are those who seek to get closer to Allah Almighty through compliance with which he established as binding. The greatest Act of adoration is salah (prayer). ALA I says: "Prosternar you [to Allah] and approaching the [with your works]". (19: 96)


The Prophet, pbuh, said: "the servant is closer to his Lord at the time being prosternado".



The second group integrate those who, in addition to complying with what is required, seek to get closer to Allah Almighty doing voluntary acts and refraining from committing sins, for they are milder. The reward for all this is achieve the love of Allah Almighty ; and when Allah loves a person, makes it easier to be obedient and closer to the.

The Prophet, pbuh, said: "Allah told me in a dream: Oh, Muhammad!" Di: Oh, Allah! "I ask I beg you love and love those who love you, and I beg I provide to perform good deeds that make me love you."



"And when you love will be your ear to hear..." Means that when the Muslim strives to approximate wing I obeying all orders, moving away from sins, and making voluntary acts, wing raises their faith to reach the highest level, and that is when you can worship him as if you you were watching, with total feeling of that he it is observed at all times, filling your heart of love for him. Then, when only wing inhabits the heart of the believer, his works are dictated by your heart and it does only what pleased to Allah I. All its bodies is become obedient abiding by what dictates the heart and refraining from what prohibits.


"If asks Me something I will give, and if he seeks refuge in me protect it." Means that this pious servant is located next to Ala I has the privilege to obtain everything that calls you.







Translation:Muhammad Isa Garcia

Dawa Office in Rabwah - Riyadh



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