The difference between the scientific Tafseer and scientific miracles

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On the face of it, the scientific approach to Tafseer is a concept more comprehensive than scientific miracles, as every scientific miracle comes in the framework of Tafseer by science while the opposite is not true.This is in terms of the relationship between the two terms. As for conventional usage, the terms can be contrasted through the following:

1) The study of scientific miracles is limited to finding consistencies between Islamic textual truths and natural truths. Scientific Tafseer deals with theories and implicit references.

2) The study of scientific miracles is unanimously accepted by Tafseer scholars, whereas the scientific approach to Tafseer is controversial and is even forbidden according to some scholars.

3) Failure to adhere to guidelines and conditions of scientific Tafseer could lead to a false interpretation of the Book of Allah, as the scope for misinterpretation is wide. Therefore, many contemporary researchers have fallen into serious errors in attempts to find consistencies between interpretations of the Revelation and incorrect theories and hypotheses.

As for scientific miracles in the Qur’an and Sunnah, the matter is clearer and sounder. Error is less as it predominantly occurs because of failure to link Islamic textual facts with scientific ones. However, many researchers do not actually discern between the study of scientific miracles and the scientific approach to Tafseer.

In the light of the above considerations, the inimitability and accuracy of the Qur’an and the revelations given to the Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, can be realized, and so can harmony between divine and natural signs. I‘jaaz also aids in the call to faith and in affirming that the Qur’an and Sunnah are suitable for every time and place.

The intent of these guidelines is not to discourage researchers or prevent them from reflecting on the Qur’an; they are an attempt to guide Muslim researchers to the correct way to interpret the Book of Allah Almighty with regard to scientific miracles and scientific Tafseer. Non-specialist researchers may want to refer to specialists for matters that have not yet come to light. They may also want to cooperate with specialists in researchin finding the truth without imitating or echoing the words of others.

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