The Great Miracles in the Holy Quran and Their Significance

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The Great Miracles in the Holy Quran and Their Significance


It was from the Wisdom of Allah (Glorious & Exalted) that He sent His prophets and messengers supported by miracles and wonders, and that these miracles always reflected the particular gifts of the people to whom the prophet was sent. For example:

     The people of Moses (Musa) were known for magic, and they were exceptionally good at it. Their magic was legendary, and their magicians were numerous. So Allah's Prophet, Moses, was sent, supported by Allah (Mighty & Majestic) with the type of skills in which his people were outstanding. This was so that their beliefs and magic would be invalidated. Among his miracles (peace be upon him) were: the staff that transformed into a giant serpent, which was real and writhing. Thus, the magicians and the people thereafter knew that what Allah's Prophet, Moses (pbuh), had come with was not magic, for the magicians were the masters of that falsehood (magic), and they had full and comprehensive knowledge of it.

     So, these magicians were the first to testify to Moses's (pbuh) prophethood and message, and that the miracles he came with—the staff and others—were supernatural, not simply an elaborate ruse like the falsehood they had used. They testified that no one could do anything like that, but He Who could say, {"Be!"—and it was}, none other than Allah, Lord of the Worlds.


Another example is Jesus (`Eisa), peace be upon him:

     His people were known for medicine. They were experts in this field. So, the miracle of Allah's Prophet, Jesus (pbuh), was of the type of activity in which his people were exceptional. Among his miracles (pbuh) was the treating and curing of the blind man and the leper, by Allah's Leave. He also raised the dead (one whose death was not the final end of his term and transference beyond the Barzakh, to the Realm of the Dead) by Allah's Leave. So, these miracles testified that he (pbuh) was a prophet sent by Allah (Mighty & Majestic) and that Allah (Glorious & Exalted) had strengthened him with these miracles so that his people would believe in his message and call. Thus, a group of people believed in his prophethood, message, and glad tidings, while other groups were led astray, either by disbelieving or by exaggeration about them.


As for Allah's Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh):

     The Arabs were known for their rhetorical style and eloquence. They were people of poetry, literature and other aspects of this field in which they excelled.

     The Holy Quran, which was sent down by Allah (Blessed & Exalted) upon His slave and prophet, Muhammad (pbuh), was a great, permanent, perpetual miracle of the type in which his people excelled. That was in addition to many, many other great miracles which were produced at his hands (pbuh) as support from Allah (Glorious & Exalted) for his message and call.

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