The relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims

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Political, social, economic and judicial systems in the Islamic civilization are not limited only to the Affairs of Muslims and non-Muslims in the Islamic State, but it also dealt with organizing the relations between the State and its people with other countries and their citizens. For this, Islam provided a series of parameters and based a few principles that govern these relations both in times of peace and in times of war. And in both cases always glitters the glory of Islamic civilization and the mercy which Islam treats all beings.

Islam is the religion of peace

Peace is the true origin of Islam. Allah Almighty, he ordered his believing servants, those who followed his Messenger, sallallahu ' alaihi wa sallam (which is interpreted):

{Oh believers!} Enter all the religion of Islam [subjecting you to Allah and peace] and do not follow the steps of Satan; {He is certainly for you a manifest enemy}

[Qur'an 2: 208].

In this verse was named as "Silm" Islam meaning "peace", because it is peace for the individual, his family, society and all those to her around. Therefore, Islam is the religion of peace.

It is no coincidence that the word Islam is derived from the term "peace" and that the peace is one of the most prominent Islamic banks, if not the most important of all principles found. To this we added that Salam (peace) is a synonym of same word, Islam.

Peace in Islam is the original state that allows that cooperation, there is knowledge and which promote good thing among the people in general. Islam looks to non-Muslims with justice and teaches Muslims who see them as brothers and sisters in humanity. While non-Muslims not responsible to Muslims, this state of originality, i.e. peace, must be maintained by the Muslims and they are prohibited attack, damage or initiate a conflict against non-Muslims.

Relationship between the Muslim people and Non Muslims

Muslims must establish a relationship based on the warmth, respect, tolerance and kindness with the followers of other religions, in order to achieve a real relationship of human brotherhood in accordance with it to Allah, Glorified and Exalted, he said (which is interpreted):

{Oh humans!} You have been created from a man [Adam] and a woman [Eve], and [of their offspring] you gather peoples and tribes so that you may know each other. Verily the most honored of you before Allah is the most pious. {Certainly Allah is Omniscient and is Knowledgeable of what it do}

[Qur'an 49: 13].

The variety that exists in the peoples and the Nations of the world are a reason to approach, meet, share and establish relationships that lead mankind to a better and stable on this Earth life to Islam.

In the Qur'an, to Allah Almighty, orders that Muslims should always seek peace and we keep, if non-Muslims demonstrating willingness and not break commitments and signed peace pacts, said (which is interpreted in Spanish):

{And if [non-Muslims] are inclined to peace, accept it also, and take refuge in Allah; He is certainly All-Hearing, Omniscient}

[Quran 8: 61].

This noble verse proves categorically how Muslims love and prefer peace to war, provided that the enemies tilt towards peace.

The Messenger, sallallahu ' alaihi wa sallam, considered the peace as something that the Muslims should hope and ask Al - lah which were granted, and therefore used to beg him to Al - lah that give him peace and strength in this life and the other.
On the other hand, Islam establishes that Muslims must be tolerant of others beliefs and flatly forbidden by any means and force them to convert to Islam, and forcefully condemns Muslims are circumventing the practices and beliefs of other religions.

Within the Islamic State non-Muslims have the same civil rights as Muslims, this is a fact which was recorded in the annals of history over more than a thousand four hundred years of coexistence with non-Muslims, who not only enjoyed freedom within the State, but they also occupied important positions in the Government and other State bodies.

Islam called to life, peace and coexistence.


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