The renewal mission

The renewal mission

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The concept (sending) in the Quran and Sunnah is presented in two senses:

The first is the sense of reviving the dead, as in the words of the Almighty (which means):

So Allah caused him to die for a hundred years; then He revived him

Quran 2:259

The second refers to the meaning of (transmission). Namely, the assignment of the Apostles to the function of conveying. As in the verse (which means):

And never would your Lord have destroyed the cities until He had sent to their mother a messenger reciting to them Our verses. And We would not destroy the cities except while their people were wrongdoers

Quran 28:59

The sending: here is due to a mandate meaning and a legislative matter. While it is in the first It refers to a matter related to the decree of Allah. However, this second meaning is accompanied by the first meaning in some aspects, the word can not be stripped of its implications, as if sending an Apostle to an astray nation is a kind of rain that revives the dead, and sends life! Hence the saying of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): "Allah sends to this nation, on top of every hundred years, someone to renew its religion"

The mission, therefore, is a fundamental and general process, whether it is done by one person or by several persons, according to the scholarly disagreement over the meaning of the word " someone  to renew its religion". Does it refer to an individual or a group of people? I said: in all the cases it refers to a collective duty, even if we considered it to refer to an individual. Do not you see that the origin of the Prophetic mission in this nation is the Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings be upon him - a single prophet, but the manifestations of his mission were rooted in the entire generation of companions may Allah be pleased with them. That is the first wave of the first mission, it powerfully carried the revelation, to revive the dead on the earth

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