Things nullifying ablution

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Things nullifying ablution

1- Whatever comes out of the stool and urine exits such as urine, sperm, pre-seminal fluid, menstrual blood, stool or wind.

2- Mental unconsciousness either due to insanity, due to sleeping, fainting or the like.

3- Easting the meat of camels.

Whenever something of such matters occurs, then the ablution of the one in such state is deemed null and has to perform ablution.


 Ritual bathing:

It is to pass water over one’s whole body along with the intention of removing impurity.

Cases in which performing a ritual bath is obligatory:


Ejaculation: if it comes out in the case of wakefulness, then it is stipulated that it should be associated with sexual pleasure. If not, owing to an illness or inability to control it, then ritual bathing is not obligatory. However, it is absolutely obligatory for one to take a ritual bath if one ejaculates while being asleep, which is called wet dreaming, as one in this case unconscious and may not feel any pleasure. On the other hand, if one wake up and finds the traces of ejaculation, it is obligatory for one to take a ritual bath then, but if there is no trace of ejaculation, ritual bathing is not obligatory. He should clean whatever he had. If he saw in a dream that he had sexual intercourse but found no traces of ejaculation, then ritual bathing is not obligatory on him.


-Sexual intercourse:Ritual bathing is obligatory by inserting one’s penis into woman’s vulva, even without ejaculation for both man and woman.

-Menstruation and postnatal bleeding.


Description of the ritual bath:

After having intention, one should pour water over his whole body or sink in it. It is recommended to wash the organs of ablution first.

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