this morality is the product of a brain or society

this morality is the product of a brain or society

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19-Why do we not accept that this morality is the product of a brain or society?

The brains of all people consist of exactly the same physical components.

No matter how complex is the brain or the complex physical structures, the sum of zeros will produce only zero, no matter how many zeros are there.

If the substance does not know good or evil, the brain does not know them as well.
Here the question poses itself: How did the concept of good and evil come to the brain?
What prevents the brain from annihilating all the people of the earth?
What prevents the brain from putting the lower human race in cages?

What prevents the brain from destructing all the patients and the disabled people in the natural selection project carried out by the Nazis (project Action t4)?

The physical brain can not judge these questions as correct or incorrect.
The brain is morally neutral.
Because it is composed of the same atoms of the earth.
There is no connection between the brain and morality.

The idea that society is the origin of morality is a strange idea, because the ethics is inherent in the self and reforming man is the goal.

If this is true, and we consider morality to be the product of the society, the Nazis will be right to exterminate the others because the society approves it.
So the true concept is that morality is independent from the society.
That which is right is considered right by both the good society and the corrupt society.
That which is wrong is considered wrong by both the good society and the corrupt society. 
Ethics has a meaning beyond the brain and society.

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