Times When Prayer is Forbidden

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Times When Prayer is Forbidden:

It was narrated that prayer is forbidden in three times. They are as follows:

1-The first time starts from the second (the factual) time of dawn (the beginning of the time of the Fajr Prayer); it is forbidden to pray in this time except for two supererogatory Rak‘ah of Fajr and its Prayer, until the sun reaches the height of a spear, in one’s sight, above horizon.

2-The second time starts from the time when the sun is at its height at the midday until it passes over the meridian. This time is known as the time when ‘shade stops’ i.e. it does not increase nor does it decrease; until it starts moving toward the west.

3-The third time starts from the time of the ‘Asr Prayer until the sun sets.  

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