Two misguided groups regarding the issue of Ibadah

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Two misguided groups regarding the issue of Ibadah
The first group fell short in their understanding of Ibadah and became lenient in performing it until they cancelled out many forms of worship, and reduced the meaning of worship to certain
actions and some rituals that are performed in the mosques. According to them worship does not extend over the house, office, workshop, streets, neither in their dealings, politics, in seeking judgment to their dispute, nor in any other aspect of life.
Yes, the mosque has a virtue, and it is obligatory to perform five daily prayers in it, but worship envelopes all aspects of a Muslim's life inside the mosque and outside it.
The second group overstressed in implementing worship to the extent of exaggeration; they raised the Mustahabb (recommended) actions to the level of Wajib (obligatory), and prohibited some Mubah (permissible actions), and declared deviant and mistaken those people, who disagreed with their Manhaj (way) and proved their understanding to be incorrect.
And the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad and the worst of affairs are the newly invented matters.
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