What are the attributes that distinguish our Prophet (pbuh) from previous Prophets?

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Q: What are the attributes that distinguish our Prophet (pbuh) from previous Prophets?

A: Our Prophet (pbuh) has been given three privileges and qualities that exclusively belong to him when being compared to all other prophets (peace be upon them). Firstly, he was the best of the Prophets; he was sent to all mankind alike and he was the seal of the Prophets i.e. no other prophet will come after him. 


Q: Why was our Prophet (pbuh) the seal of the Prophets?

A: Our Prophet was the seal of the Prophets because the wisdom behind sending Prophets is to call people to the worship of Allah The Almighty and guide them to the proper path in this world and in the Hereafter, inform them with the matters of the unseen that they cannot see with their eyes and the conditions that they cannot realize with their feeble minds, establish the decisive proofs and eliminate the false doubts. The honorable Shari‘ah (Islamic law) took upon itself to outline all of such matters in the most perfect unimaginable way, where it agrees with all nations in all times, places and conditions. Consequently, there becomes no need for a prophet after him for the perfection has reached its highest peak. This can easily point out the secret for sending him (the the Messenger) to all mankind and that he is the best of them at all in creation and morals.


Q: How can be said that our Prophet (pbuh) is the seal of the Prophets while ‘Isa (peace be upon him) will descend at the end of time?

A: ‘Isa (peace be upon him) will descend at the end of time and judge among the people with justice, following the religion of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) not his religion which was abrogated because the time in which it was applicable was passed. So, he will be one of the followers of our Prophet and his representative in carrying out his (our Messenger) religion in this (Islamic) nation. This, in fact, affirms that Our Prophet (pbuh) is the seal of the Prophets. 



Q: What are the miracles of our Prophet (pbuh)?

A: Our Prophet has many miracles. Amongst such miracles is the Noble Quran. It is the greatest, most important, wonderful and brilliant miracle for it came with the seal of the Prophets. Moreover, amongst his miracles is that the water flowing from between his fingers when he was in a journey with his honorable Companions. They ran short of water and became very thirsty. So,  he (pbuh) placed his honorable hand in it. Then it was multiplied and all of the people drank to their satisfaction and even much more. This was repeatedly happened. Amongst his miracles also is that the multiplication of little food to the extent that it fed so many people. This also was repeatedly happened and the like miracles which were mentioned in the book of Dalaa’il An-Nuboowah


Q: How was the description of the Prophet's biography? 

A: There is a consensus among the scholars that the biography of our Prophet (pbuh) is the best one ever. Even non-Muslims have acknowledged its greatness. How can this not be so while it is like the sun in the middle of the daytime (i.e. and unequivocal truth)?Historians said that he (pbuh) was the most noble person in lineage and decent. He used to maintain ties of kinship, help the needy, and observe endurance, tolerance and patience. Furthermore, he used to forgive, pardon, and observe kindness and leniency with all people. He never retaliated for himself but only if it is a right of Allah The Almighty or right of the creation. He used to remain silent for long times to contemplate the secrets of the creation of Allah The Almighty and whenever he speaks, he only speaks with Jawaami‘ Al-Kalim (i.e. few precise words that are highly charged with tremendous comprehensive meanings of wonderful wisdoms). He was the most eloquent person. He may sometimes joke but he never said except what is true. He had a full trust in the protection of Allah The Almighty to him in all times. He was brave enough to fight whenever heroes fear fighting and stood firm against all horrors. He was very humble. In spite of his humbleness and cheerfulness, he had great prestige that no one else had to the extent that no one of his companions (may Allah be please with them) can dare to look directly at his honorable face.

They used to sit in the presence of the Messenger of Allah so quietly as if birds were perched on their heads. No one interrupts the speech of the other. No backbiting can be mentioned in his presence. Non-Muslims themselves, by common consent, gave him the title of Al-Ameen (the trustworthy). So, his enemies, after claiming prophethood, found nothing at all to slander him in spite of their bitter enmity to him. He used to teach people wisdom and rulings, and call them to paradise. Whoever followed him acquired the perfect scientific and practical virtues and whoever did not follow him was also benefited from that incidentally. Allah The Almighty made his religion superior over all other religions and kept his mentioning live eternally in the memory of his supporters and opponents. Whoever reads the books of his biography that contains his wonderful great morals will certainly know that he is the best of creation as in both the inward and outward attributes.


Q: What is the Last Day and how to believing in it?

A: As for the Last Day, it is a Day which has many great horrors. It will make the children white-haired. The people will arise from their graves. They will be gathered in one place for reckoning. Then they will be led to the abode of enjoyment or to the abode of severe punishment. As for believing in it, it is to believe that it will come and all what is reported in the Noble Quran and Sunnah regarding it will surely occur. 


Q: How to believe in the Last Day? What are the matters related to it?

A:  One should believe firstly in the questioning at the grave, its pleasure and torment, gathering of the creation and that the creation will be brought back again as it was firstly begun, Reckoning and Scale, the Books of records that will be given to people in their right hands or in the left hands, As-Siraat (the bridge over Hellfire) and finally the believers will be admitted in the abode of enjoyment and the disbeliever will be admitted in the abode of severe punishment.


Q: How should one believe in the question of the grave, its pleasure and torment?

A: It is to believe that when the deceased is put in his grave, soul will be restored to him as much as he could understand speech and give answer. Then the two angels will come and ask him about his Lord, his prophet, the religion he has adopted and the obligation that Allah The Almighty enjoined him to do. If the deceased was one of those who believed and did righteous deeds, he will, by the Help of Allah The Almighty, answer the previous questions properly, without having fear of them or being confused. Then Allah The Almighty will give him ability to see. Then a gate to Paradise will be opened for him, and he will be rewarded the great blessings. It will be said to him: This is the reward of the one who lived in the worldly life adhering to the straight path. However, if the deceased is a disbeliever or hypocrite, then he will be surprised and will not know what he should say in the answer. So, they will punish him severely. He will be able to see. Then a gate to Hellfire will be opened for him. He will also be punished by different kinds of torments and tortures and they will say to him: This is the reward of the one who disbelieved in his Lord and followed his desire and whims.




Q: If someone was eaten by wild animal and became in its belly, or has been drowned in the sea and was eaten by fish, will he be questioned or take his share of torment and pleasure?

A: Surely, he will face the same fate. Whoever dies will be asked then take his due share of torment or pleasure. There is no difference between the one who was buried in a grave and the one who was in the belly of the wild animal or fell in the bottom of the sea. In fact, Allah The Almighty is over all things competent. And He with all things is All-Knower and fully Acquainted.


Q: If the soul of the deceased is restored to him and that he is asked and given his share of torment or pleasure, then why can people not see anything of that?

A: Allah The Almighty prevent them from seeing that as a kind of test and trail to know who believe in the unseen and who has doubts in it. Actually, if people saw such scene, they all would believe in that and then there would be no difference between the people, and that the wicked would not be distinguished from the noble or the evil from the good.



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