What is the fate of those who die in outer space ?

Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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There is an often asked question about the fate of those who die in space flights beyond earth and how they are resurrected in the day of resurrection; through this article we will give a scientific answer to this question….

This question was asked by one of our brothers: If man was able to land on other planets of the solar system, how are those who die in outer space or on the moon are resurrected?

The answer is in Allah's reply in this verse: (Thereof (the earth) we created you, and into it We shall return you, and from it we shall bring you out once again.) [Taha: 55]. 

This holly verse affirms that Allah created man from earth's dust and shall return him to the dust again when he dies and then get him out of earth in the day of resurrection to judge upon his deeds and work.

Allah also says: (And among His Signs is that the heaven and the earth stand by His Command. Then afterwards when He will call you by a single call, behold, you will come out from the earth (i.e. from your graves for reckoning and recompense) [Al-Rum: 25]. This verse confirms this fact as well, that people will come out of the ground. 

There is a great verse which indicates that man will die on earth and comes out of it on the day of Resurrection, Allah Almighty says in the story of Adam: (Get down, one of you is an enemy to the other [i.e. Adam, Hawwâ’ (Eve), and Shaitân (Satan)]. On earth will be a dwelling-place for you and an enjoyment for a time*Therein you shall live, and therein you shall die, and from it you shall be brought out (i.e. resurrected).)[Al-Aaraf: 24- 25]. This verse emphasizes three facts:

1.                   Human's life can only be lived on earth: (Therein you shall live).

2.                   Human will die on earth:  (and therein you shall die).

3.                   Allah will bring out the dead and rise them from the ground: (and from it you shall be

 Brought out).

Someone may say: how can the bodies of those who die in space return to earth? We say: outer space contains billions of stones, cosmic dust and other things. All of theses enter through atmosphere when they reach earth, but due to Allah's mercy they fade away and burn. Only little of these enter our earth.

Scientists have proved that when a man dies, all his body decays, except a small area called (tailbone), which is located at the bottom of the spine. This small cluster does not perish whatever the circumstances are. One of the scientists conducted a test on (an organic molecules) which is the basic of life. They exposed the material to maximum pressure and temperature but it didn't change at all, they couldn't break it. These materials, indeed, come to earth loaded on meteorites. 

Scientists have found that falling meteorites on earth contain living organic materials which were not burnt during the friction with the atmosphere in spite of the tremendous heat. Therefore, we say: the remains of those who die in outer space rotate around the earth and eventually, enter the atmosphere and come back to earth. Allah will resurrect these remains again, as we said, the small part (tailbone) remains after death and the decay of the body and from this remain, Allah will bring him back as the Prophet peace be upon him told us about. 


This picture shows the first man to step on the moon in 1969. He is wearing a special suit to protect him from the sun's deadly rays and to provide him with oxygen. Notice the dry land and the arid desert in the moon. Life cannot begin or continue there; the moon is full of holes, choking lunar dust, mountains and cracks, it also has jagged terrain. The moon is not paved and not valid for life.

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