Why does Allah care about this little ball

Why does Allah care about this little ball

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Why does Allah care about this little ball

The universe is so huge and the Earth is small if compared to it. 

Why does Allah care about this little ball in this vast universe?

If we said that a king bequested to his son large areas of properties, could anyone object saying: why would a king, who possesses millions of acres and countless vast lands pay attention to his son, whose size and weight is less than one billion of what the king possesses?   To Allah belong the supreme attributes?

Is this a rational objection or can you pay attention to it?

Assuming that the magnitude or insignificance of the thing is influential is a naïve idea.

What counts is not the physical weight of man but the moral size of things without size, such as ethics, honesty and truthfulness.
The difference between the greatest human beings who established the greatest civilizations and lowest of people is a moral difference, not a material one - such as the leadership, good deeds and noble morals. If the size is what counts in the sight of Allah, the heavens and the earth would be the first to carry the trust.

Whales are millions of times larger than microbes. Does this mean that the whales are more important than the microbes? What is the meaning of the word "most important" here?

Does Allah care about the huge object for its hugeness and thus he does not care about the small object?
Or that he guaranteed for all the creatures the provisions and the proper order?

The size is originally relative as physics taught us. Physics tells us that the source of the heavens and the earth is a point smaller than the head of the pin - billions of times smaller than the atom.
So the issue is not in the sizes nor can we judge things according to the sizes and weights.

The issue is to recognize and absorb these things.

Now is there something that comprehends creation, commissioning, wisdom, creation, meaning and purpose except man?

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