What is the love of Allah?

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1.What is the love of Allah?
It is that Allah the Almighty becomes  beloved by you more than yourself, your parents, and all what you own.



2- Why the children?
Because "the child is the first brick in the community, so if we put it in a right way, the general building will be straight, regardless how much it rises and increases. Also the child is the nucleus of the ascending generation from which the branches and the sections divide.

 As we take care of the safety of his body growth, so we should take care of the safety of his emotions and morals."(1) If we take care of that,, our efforts will give its fruits when the child becomes an adult and holds the flag of his religion, if he loves his God and becomes loyal in all his deeds.

However,if we do not we will see him live lost without identity –we seek refuge from Allah- as we see many

around us.




1-The children are Allah's gifts: Gaudiness and Care. P.1, from a published article on the site: Baynat.

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