Fourthly: From two to three years stage

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Fourthly: From two to three years stage: In this age, the child is open minded which enhances us to let him memorize some of the small surahs like Al-Fatehah (Surah # 1), Al-Asr (Surah # 103) and Al-Kawthar (Surah # 108)….etc. according to his ability in memorizing.

 Also we can let him memorize some chants like:

 "Allah is the lord of the creations, He gives us provisions", and

 "Who teaches the bird to build a nest on the tree, Allah taught him and by justice makes him nice")(13)

Hush little baby pure and small

He created you, he created us all,

Hush little baby don’t you feel.

We are never alone when Allah is so near

Hush little baby breathing so calm

He protects us all and keep us from harm

Hush little baby still and serene,

You are a Muslim , Islam is your deen.


 you can hear it on the following link:



Also: "Allah is my lord, Mohammad is my prophet, Islam is my religion, Al-Kabah is my qeblah (my target in praying), Quran is my book, The messenger is my model example, Fasting is my fort, Charity is my cure, Al-woduoo (ablution) is my purity, Praying is my comfort, Honesty is my intention, Truth is my manner, Paradise is my hope and Allah' satisfaction is my aim".

after his consciousness and awareness increase, we repeat in front of him that Allah is who provides us with food, makes the water fresh to satiate our thirst, gave him his father and mother to take care of him, gave us the money and the house, the car and thetoys….etc., so He is thanks worthy ,and the first thank for Allah is to love Him and not to make Him angry with us by worshipping Him and not worshipping any one else) (14)

Also we mention Allah while we play with him with his doll, like saying: These, the two hands, the two eyes, the two arms and the two legs, we have like them but the doll is made from fabric or plastic while what Allah has given us is real , which benefit and help us in our life.

If we set to eat, we say in a voice that he heard: "In the name of Allah", and if we finish, we say: "All praise to Allah", the same thing when we drink, go to sleep and get up) (15),so that  child to get used to and repeat it by himself without asking him to do that.

Also we must tell them that Allah the Almighty likes the good for them and knows what benefit them. Allah is the one who advocated the parents to choose their names (teach them their religion and life issues, the good manners and raise them in a right way. He ordered the parents to be kind and have affection toward them, be justice among them and their siblings in every thing) (16). Allah is their lover who forgives them until they reach the age of consciousness. We tell them that he forgives their sins while they are young so they should be shy from Allah and do not disobey Him.

It is beneficial to relate every nice thing around them with Allah the Almighty; the flower, the bee, the butterfly, the moon and other creations of Allah. While the things which appear harmful to us like the fly, the mouse and others are from Allah's creations also, and it does a work which helps to keep the world around us nice and clean.

Also we should relate every good manner to Allah the Almighty; Allah loves the kindness, the gentleness, the justice, the beauty and the cleanness…etc. We should make the idea of the presence of Allah without the ability for seeing him in this life close to their minds. There are things that we feel it, see its effects and benefit from it without seeing it like the air, the electricity and the perfume…etc. But who wants to see His Highness, he must increase his good deeds to win the favor and see Him in the paradise.

We should also hang pictures of the two holy mosques in order for the child's eyes to get used to it ,and make his curiosity motivates him to ask about them. And then we answer him in a way to make him craves for them (such as saying about the Ka'aba: it is the house of Allah and Allah is generous, He honors His guest who visit His house and provides them with beautiful things such as sweets, toys and other things which the child loves), while noting well that if we accompany him to there we should make his memories about the visit as happy as possible and buy him the gifts and the things which he likes that satisfies him to make his happiness connected to the holy mosque and from there to the Lord of the mosque!!!



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