Fifth: From Age 3 to 6

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Fifth: From Age 3 to 6:The child's perception and usage for information and following his family is the best in this stage (17). Also, he becomes very excited about listening to stories. Therefore, we should benefit from this by composing and narrating stories which direct him to the correct behavior which we wish for him. This method is most effective if most of these stories revolve around one character with a certain name for a hero or a heroine of the story [it is better to be a boy if the child was a boy, and vice versa], where its various events are carried out in several environments, and each one should aim at telling him about Allah the Glorious that He is the Most Merciful, Most Compassionate, The Most Loving, The Kind, The Bestower of all good, The Generous One,The Compassionate, The All Forgiving, The Most Appreciative, The Acceptor Of Repentance, and The Eternal Owner Of Sovereignty.

The story should also aim at providing him with various manners if the mother tells each story alone in a separate day to give him the chance to think about it. However, if he asks for another story in the same day, we can tell him about the pets which he likes how they behave ,eat and so on ,not to distract him from the aim of every day story.

This makes him connected to the character of the hero or the heroine of the story, and waiting for the latest news about his/her adventures every day,While implants in his little soul the experiences that are gained from these stories.

On the other hand, if the mother cannot compose the stories, she can use the published stories such as (but not limited to) the series of "our children", the stories of the "Safeer" corporation for children, the stories of the educating writer "Abdeltawwab Yousuf", the depicted stories of the prophets which is available from "Dar Al-Maarif" in Cairo, whatever is available.

Below is a story that the author heard from the teacher of her daughter which was helping her to memorize the Quran, and it aims at loving Allah, trusting Him ,doing our best, and then relying on Him:

Nada was sitting next to her mother who was changing the clothes of her infant sister Basmah when the mother discovered that Basmah's temperature is rising. So the mother tried to aid her with the natural materials which were available at the house,but without much success. As the father was traveling abroad, the mother asked Nada to stay next to her sister until she goes to the pharmacy next to their house to buy medicine for her. Nada said: "I hear and obey, mother"

While Nada was singing for her sister after the mother left, the electric current was disconnected and the darkness overwhelmed the room. Nada felt so scared and she did not know what to do. However, she remembered the saying of her mother: "Allah is indeed always with us wherever we are and in all times of day and night. He sees us, takes care of us, and protects us more than the parents because He is stronger than all creatures and because He loves his believing slaves". So she kept petting Basmah who started to cry, then she ran to the window and opened it to let some light penetrate into the room. So Nada was happy and said to Basmah: "look, this is the moon. Allah sent it to stay with us in our loneliness and to light the room until our mother returns and the electric current is back.

Look how beautiful the light of the moon is because Allah is the One who made it. It's fade does not harm the eye also it shines with calm into the soul, do you love Allah as I love him, Basmah?" She kept talking to her sister and singing the song she heard from her mother :


Hush little baby don’t you feel?

We are never alone when Allah is so near !!!


until the mother returned and gave the medicine to Basmah then she praised Nada who did well.

 After that,the mother promised her to go with her to the book store to buy a children's book about the moon to know more information about it. She also recited the Surah of the Moon (surah number 54) as a reward for her for what she did!!!


We can also sing with them the following song:
Say he is Allah ,the only one
We all need him , and he needs no one
He has no parents , no daughter , no son
Nobody is like him ,and he is like no oneSay he is Allah ,the only one.


 And it is available on the following link:

When we talk to them in this age we should be honest (and stay away from exaggeration), so Allah exists in the skies and we raise our hands when we invoke to Him. He gets shy from us if we stretch our hands to Him, and He returns them empty because He is the shyest, most generous, the strongest, sees us everywhere, hears us even if we were alone, He loves us so much and we should love Him because He created us and created every thing that we need. So He commands his soldiers and they execute His orders, He tells the clouds: rain on my slaves so that they can drink and irrigate their plants and cattle, and the rain would start. He also rewards the Muslims who love Him enter the Paradise. In the paradise, joy will be for the Muslim who prays ,fasts, makes charity, be honest with people, obeys his parents and respects the elders and works hard in his study, does not harm his siblings or friends. Allah the Highest loves the children and He will give them what they want if they stay away from every thing that He does not like. We should not speak in the details of Allah's nature before the child to avoid committing mistakes that we might be held accountable for" (18)



17- "Samirah Almasri", my little girl asks me: Where is Allah? A published article in the field: "Raise our children together".
18- How the Muslim raise his child: Youth stage

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