Thirdly: Past-delivery until the second year stage

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Thirdly: Past-delivery until the second year stage:

"After the baby is delivered and begins breast feeding and growing, he will be more receivable for the life changes than the adult. Because he will be like the white page that is ready to receive the writing lines while the adult convictions is almost complete so it becomes so hard to change or erase it"(11)

So we should read a spiritual healing on him, which is taken from the    Qur’an  and the right  Sunnah, hear with him the Quranic recitations for sheiks of good voices, and persistently ask Allah for his forgiveness, praising to Allah, thanking Allah, declaration of faith and saying there is no change power or might unless with Allah while we are holding him in order for the angles to surround him and get used to hear like these shiny words.

"With the increase of the conscious growing of the child, we must be keen on mentioning Allah the Almighty in front of him always. Instead of saying: "gaga" or any other pronunciations, we say: "Oh Allah". We should always make the pronunciation of the Almighty touches his hearing so he learns it by heart and it turns to be from the first vocabulary and glossary he forms.

 If he wants to grovel and becomes able to pronounce, we should take his hand and show him that we want to lift him up and say: "Oh my lord, Oh helper" and try to make him repeat with us. If we feel that he becomes more able to pronounce the words, we should teach him the declaration of faith (al-shadatayen) and repeat it with him to get used to it"(12) so he will be asking about its meaning when he is able to talk later on.




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12- How the Muslim raise his child – Childhood stage. A published article on the link: 

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