Secondly: Antenatal stage

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Secondly: Antenatal stage:



The author suggests that every muslim mother who is waiting for a child should begin, since her knowledge that there is a sustenance from Allah in her gut, should increase her approach to Allah as a thank for his blessing and as a preparation to receive this blessing. So the serenity shines in her heart, which positively affects the psychological comfort of the fetus.

 Also she should increase listening to the holy Quran which affects the fetus who gets used to hear it so he stays in contact with it in his future life God wiling.

We have in Imraan wife –the mother of Marryam- a good example when she said: {My Lord! surely I vow to Thee what is in my womb, to be devoted (to Thy service); accept therefore from me, surely Thou art the Hearing, the Knowing} so the result was: {And her Lord accepted her with full acceptance}

The experiences proved that the food favored by the child is what was eaten more by his mother during her pregnancy with him. Also the fetus is more active if there was a noise or sound around the mother which means that the fetus is affected by the mother’s surroundings. .

(This is the genetics engineering assures the presence of many effects which compose the state of the fetus whether these effects were biological, psychological, spiritual or emotional.

We always see how much the fetus is affected by the addiction of the mother on smoking. If smoking has a serious effect on the physical health of the fetus. So to what extent he is affected morally and psychologically by listening to his mother backbiting, eating the pork or making the prohibitions while she is holding him in her gut?!)(6)

Doctor " Ala' Aldeen Alqabanje"(7) assures that by saying: "it is a big mistake to deny the environmental effect on the semen at the same time we note the environment effect on the individual. The semen will not stop at being affected by the chemical stimulants (including the food substances and the medicine) or the environmental circumstances; it will also keep to be affected by the strong trend to Allah.

The spirit of comfort and trend to Allah the Almighty decreases from the tensions and the psychological turbulent interactions. The sheik "Ali Alqarnee" adds: "The modern science assures that the fetus has a mentality which is not separated from the mother’s mentality; he is happy sometimes, sad sometimes and get angry sometimes with the prohibitions that his mother commits like smoking. One of the doctors did an experiment on a pregnant lady in her sixth month that is a smoking addict. He asked her to stop smoking for twenty four hours while he was monitoring the fetus by the photography. The fetus was quiet and calm until the doctor gave the mother a cigarette. When she bur it and put it in her mouth, the fetus begin to get turbulent in accordance with the turbulence of his mothers heart.

  Scientific research  also proved that the mothers' emotions are conveyed to her fetus; he moves in a thanking movement when he feels that his mother wants and ready to receive him while he gets turbulent, shrinks and hits by his legs announcing his objection when he feels his mother does not want him. For example, there was a baby girl whose mother did not want to get pregnant ,and tried to abort her but with no much success. When the mother delivered her baby girl, she refused to be breast fed from her. When another woman breast fed her, she accepted!!!


 But she returned to refuse the breast feeding of her mother another time even after they blindfolded her eyes and then gave her to her mother to feed her!!!"(8)

While we see another mother was keen, since the beginning of the pregnancy, on reciting the Quran and hearing it in all of her situations: standing, sitting and laying, so the result was that she had a baby who memorize the holy Quran, from Allah the Almighty favors and he was able to recite it while he was at the age of five!!! All blessing to Allah the best creator"(9)

From the above mentioned we conclude that raising the child begins since antenatal stage; "If the fetus arises in his mother gut in an environment of calmness and serenity -what mostly give both these feelings is the closure to Allah The Almighty- he will obey by the will of his Lord, acknowledges his mothers' favor on him and have a rational sane character and a calm spirit; as if his tongue saying: {Is there any Reward for Good - other than Good?}"(10)



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