3.Believe in the Books

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3.    Believe in the Books:

They are the books and scriptures that contained the words of Allaah The Almighty which He revealed to its Messengers, peace be upon them, whether what He sent down in a written form such as At-Tawraah (Torah), or verbally conveyed by the angel and then written like all the other books.

So we have to believe firmly that they are all revealed by Allaah The Almighty. They are the words of Allaah The Almighty not the words of other than Him, Allaah The Almighty spoke them in a real sense however He willed and in the way that He The Exalted wanted. Allaah The Almighty says: {Allaah- there is no deity except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of existence. He has sent down upon you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth, confirming what was before it. And He revealed the Torah and the Gospel. Before, as guidance for the people. And He revealed the Qur'an. Indeed, those who disbelieve in the verses of Allaah will have a severe punishment, and Allaah is exalted in Might, the Owner of Retribution.} [Aal-‘Imraan: 2-4]

We have to believe also that all of them invited to the worship of Allaah The Almighty alone and that they came with all good, guidance and light. Allaah The Almighty says: {It is not for a human [prophet] that Allaah should give him the Scripture and authority and prophethood and then he would say to the people, "Be servants to me rather than Allaah.} [Aal-‘Imraan: 79]

He The Almighty also says: {Mankind was [of] one religion [before their deviation]; then Allaah sent the prophets as bringers of good tidings and warners and sent down with them the Scripture in truth.}[Al-Baqarah: 213]

We have to believe in the Books that Allaah The Almighty has named in particular and in what Allaah The Almighty and His Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, told about. Amongst them are:

Scriptures of Ibraaheem (Abraham), peace be upon him:Allaah The Almighty says: {Indeed, this is in the former scriptures. The scriptures of Abraham and Moses.} [Al-A‘la: 18-19]

Tawraah (Torah) which was revealed to Moosa (Moses), peace be upon: {And We gave Moses the Scripture, after We had destroyed the former generations, as enlightenment for the people.} [Al-Qasas: 43]

He The Almighty also says: {Indeed, We sent down the Torah, in which was guidance and light.} [Al-Maa’idah: 44]

Al-Injeel (Gospel)which was revealed to ‘Isa (Jesus), peace be upon him. Allaah The Almighty says: {And We sent, following in their footsteps, Jesus, the son of Mary, confirming that which came before him in the Torah; and We gave him the Gospel, in which was guidance and light.} [Al-Maa’idah: 46]

Az-Zaboor (Psalms) which was revealed to Daawood (David), peace be upon him. Allaah The Almighty says:{And to David We gave the book [of Psalms].} [An-Nisaa’: 163]

Great Noble Quranwhich was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, confirming that which preceded it of the Scripture and as a criterion over it. It is the last revealed Book. It is the most Honored and most perfect. It abrogates all other previous books.  Allaah The Almighty says: {And We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth, confirming that which preceded it of the Scripture and as a criterion over it.} [Al-Maa’idah: 48]

He The Almighty also says: {Say, "What thing is greatest in testimony?" Say, "Allaah is witness between me and you. And this Quran was revealed to me that I may warn you thereby and whomever it reaches.} [Al-An‘aam: 19]

He The Almighty said to His Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, commanding him to judge between the people of scripture by the Noble Quran: {So judge between them by what Allaah has revealed and do not follow their inclinations away from what has come to you of the truth.} [Al-Maa’idah: 48]

Allaah The Almighty has taken upon Himself to preserve and protect its words and meaning from any verbal or concrete distortions. Allaah The Almighty says: {Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur'an and indeed, We will be its guardian.} [Al-Hijr: 9]

He The Almighty also says: {Falsehood cannot approach it from before it or from behind it; [it is] a revelation from a [Lord who is] Wise and Praiseworthy.} [Fussilat: 42]

Meanwhile, the people of scripture distorted and changed the books that Allaah The Almighty sent down to them. Allaah The Almighty said about the Jews: {Do you covet [the hope, O believers], that they would believe for you while a party of them used to hear the words of Allaah and then distort the Torah after they had understood it while they were knowing?} [Al-Baqarah: 75]

He The Almighty also says: {Among the Jews are those who distort words from their [proper] usages.} [An-Nisaa’: 46]

Allaah The Almighty said about the Christians: {And from those who say, "We are Christians" We took their covenant; but they forgot a portion of that of which they were reminded. So We caused among them animosity and hatred until the Day of Resurrection. And Allaah is going to inform them about what they used to do. O People of the Scripture, there has come to you Our Messenger making clear to you much of what you used to conceal of the Scripture and overlooking much.} [Al-Maa’idah: 14-15]

He The Almighty also says: {So woe to those who write the "scripture" with their own hands, then say, "This is from Allaah," in order to exchange it for a small price. Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they earn.} [Al-Baqarah: 79]

He The Almighty also says: {Say, "Who revealed the Scripture that Moses brought as light and guidance to the people? You [Jews] make it into pages, disclosing [some of] it and concealing much.} [Al-An‘aam: 91]

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