A.Milk and butter

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A. Milk and butter:
It is well-known to everyone, big and small, educated and uneducated, that butter is produced from milk.
     But, can we see the butter that is produced from milk when the milk is squeezed from the teat and it is in its natural, liquid form? Of course, not.
     Can butter be extracted from this milk while it is in its natural state when it is first squeezed from the teat? Of course, not; milk must go through several stages to complete the process.
     If we were not able to see the butter in the milk, while it was in our hands in its natural, liquid form, and we were not able to extract it at that time, can we see God, our Creator and the Creator of all creatures and beings?
     The obvious answer for which there is no alternative or neutrality is: no.
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