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B. Reason:
Allah (Glorious & Exalted) has granted us this reason with which to think about the glory of His signs which indicate His Existence (Glorious & Exalted) and His Oneness, and then to single Him (Mighty & Majestic) out exclusively for worship, since He is without peer or partner.
     Thus, a sound, rational mind does not deny any of what we have mentioned.
     It is through our sound reason that we remember and benefit from advice. No one can deny the existence of this reason with which we think.
     We wonder once again about the question we asked before:
     Can any of the atheists or those who deny Allah's Existence see the reason with which they think and philosophize? Of course not.
     Can the existence of reason be denied simply because it cannot be seen? Of course not.
     Therefore, not seeing reason is not considered a condition for admitting and believing in its existence.
     But why do these atheists make seeing Allah Almighty a condition for believing in Him? Why do they say that not seeing Him is proof that He does not exist?
     Undoubtedly, the answer is that the motivation behind this condition is the delusion and arrogance that prevents them from submitting to the truth. They follow their vain desires and trivial passions, but they will get what they deserve from Allah (Mighty & Majestic) as a result of their lies and arrogance.
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