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C. The Soul:
Allah (Blessed & Exalted) has granted us this soul with which to live the life Allah wants for us, to abide by His rules as they were explained to us from the lips of His prophets and messengers, and in the Scriptures He sent down upon us, until Allah (Glorious & Exalted) permits our souls to be taken.
     No one can deny the existence of the soul in his own body.
     To clarify: we direct such questions—as we asked before—to this atheist who denies the Existence of His God and Creator, and we say:
- Do you believe that you have a soul?
He will say: Of course, I do.
- Have you seen this soul?
He will say: Of course not.
- Does not seeing your soul make you deny its existence?
He will say: no.
     So, if you do not deny this soul even though you cannot see the soul within your own self, that inhabits your own body, then why deny the Existence of this God, the Creator (Mighty & Majestic) just because you cannot see Him? Hypothetical assumptions cannot stand up to the truth, yet you rely on them as evidence?
     Why do you try to convince yourself of an irrational deception with hypotheses and false conjecture?
     This, despite the great difference between God, the Supreme Creator, and the soul of a small, created human being.
     Indeed, Allah (Glorious & Exalted) has made us many, many obvious signs, that clearly testify to His Existence (Noble & Sublime), His Oneness, His Supreme Attributes and Absolute Power.
     As such, it is not necessary to see this Great Creator God to believe in him, since not seeing Him is not proof that He does not exist.
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