Do You Have to See God, the Creator, to Believe in Him?

Muhammad Alsayed Muhammad

Direct, observational evidence is acceptable proof according to all rational people, and in the religion, it has a great status. However, scientific evidence is not limited to this type of proof alone. The insistence on not accepting any other kind of proof than direct, observational evidence is one of the signs of irrationality.  If natural scientists, such as physicists, chemists, biologists and others, as well as all other rational people, had not accepted any proof other than this type, none of the sciences would ever have developed, nor could they even been established in the first place.  The Existence of God, the Creator, and His Oneness have been confirmed to us in every way (through intuitional, observational, logical, and scientific evidence), and we have presented this previously.  We will now add to what we have proven previously that which provides a scientific response to such questions as the one we began this chapter with: 

The law of gravity cannot be observed definitively; all scientists witness does not represent
the law of gravity in itself. It is other things that make them believe in the existence of this
law. Yet, today, the law of gravity finds general acceptance. Newton discovered it initially,
and then this law became a scientific fact. Why?
That is because the law of gravity explains many other observations for us.
Therefore: It is not a requirement for a fact to be learned through direct experiment.
Gravity is not seen or witnessed directly with the eye. Yet, despite this, it is a scientific
fact that no one can deny just because he hasn't seen it or witnessed it. 

o, what about atheists who deny the Existence of God, the Creator (Glorious & Exalted), who stipulate that they must see Allah Almighty to believe in Him, and say that not seeing Him is
proof that He does not exist!
 Why do they contradict themselves?
 Why would they contradict the principles of modern science?
 This, despite the great difference between God, the Creator of all other creatures and beings,
and other weak, slave creatures other than Him.
 If man is unable to see things like gravity, when it is among the glorious handiwork of Allah
Most High, how could he see God, the Creator of him, and gravity, and all other creatures and
 Analogous to what we have said scientifically, by way of metaphor explaining that reality is
not limited to direct, observational evidence, and that it is not bound by it, we offer this clear
example to everyone whose nature is good and pure and whose mind is sound (even if he is not a
scientist, a physicist, or anything like that). And this is to confirm what we have already stated: 

Milk and butter:

It is well-known to everyone, big and small, educated and uneducated, that butter is produced from milk.
But, can we see the butter that is produced from milk when the milk is squeezed from
the teat and it is in its natural, liquid form? Of course, not.
Can butter be extracted from this milk while it is in its natural state when it is first squeezed from the teat? Of course, not; milk must go through several stages to complete the process.
If we were not able to see the butter in the milk, while it was in our hands in its
natural, liquid form, and we were not able to extract it at that time, can we see God, our
Creator and the Creator of all creatures and beings?
The obvious answer for which there is no alternative or neutrality is: no



Allah (Glorious & Exalted) has granted us this reason with which to think about the glory of His signs which indicate His Existence (Glorious & Exalted) and His Oneness, and then to single Him (Mighty & Majestic) out exclusively for worship, since He is without peer or partner.

Thus, a sound, rational mind does not deny any of what we have mentioned. It is through our sound reason that we remember and benefit from advice. No one can deny the existence of this reason with which we think. We wonder once again about the question we asked before: Can any of the atheists or those who deny Allah's Existence see the reason with which
they think and philosophize? Of course not.
Can the existence of reason be denied simply because it cannot be seen? Of course not.
Therefore, not seeing reason is not considered a condition for admitting and believing in its existence.
But why do these atheists make seeing Allah Almighty a condition for believing in Him? Why do they say that not seeing Him is proof that He does not exist? Undoubtedly, the answer is that the motivation behind this condition is the delusion
and arrogance that prevents them from submitting to the truth. They follow their vain desires and trivial passions, but they will get what they deserve from Allah (Mighty & Majestic) as a result of their lies and arrogance. 

. The Soul

Allah (Blessed & Exalted) has granted us this soul with which to live the life Allah wants for us, to abide by His rules as they were explained to us from the lips of His prophets and messengers, and in the Scriptures He sent down upon us, until Allah (Glorious & Exalted) permits our souls to be taken. No one can deny the existence of the soul in his own body. To clarify: we direct such questions—as we asked before—to this atheist who denie the Existence of His God and Creator, and we say:
-Do you believe that you have a soul? He will say: Of course, I do.
-Have you seen this soul?
He will say: Of course not.
-Does not seeing your soul make you deny its existence?
He will say: no.
So, if you do not deny this soul even though you cannot see the soul within your own
self, that inhabits your own body, then why deny the Existence of this God, the Creator
(Mighty & Majestic) just because you cannot see Him? Hypothetical assumptions cannot
stand up to the truth, yet you rely on them as evidence?
Why do you try to convince yourself of an irrational deception with hypotheses and
false conjecture?
This, despite the great difference between God, the Supreme Creator, and the soul of
a small, created human being.
Indeed, Allah (Glorious & Exalted) has made us many, many obvious signs, that
clearly testify to His Existence (Noble & Sublime), His Oneness, His Supreme Attributes
and Absolute Power.
As such, it is not necessary to see this Great Creator God to believe in him, since not
seeing Him is not proof that He does not exist.

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