A qualitative leap

A qualitative leap

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The first question we ask in this context is: Has the Islamic Movement exhausted its purposes ?

There is no dispute that the Islamic Movement is working for serving Islam in general; therefore, we said before it is (clarifying the call to Allah) 

But this is in terms of the general nature of the character, the emotional desire inherent in it, and the cause of its origin. However, In terms of the methodological form, it is has a partisan appearance in the modern Western political sense of the term. It can be expressed in several conventional images, such as the term "group", "movement", "formation" or "organization", but ultimately they have one essence; it is the concept of "party" in its political sense. Regardless of its actual participation in the elections or the so-called "political game" on the whole. This is another story that does not change the reality of anything! But what matters is the methodological and conceptual structure that controls the course of the movement. The political party may have a "participatory" dynamic presence, and may have a "rejecting" dynamic presence; its participation is already achieved by advocating "political rejection"; thus equating it with the former in terms of systemic fate! So we have said more than once: they are two sides of one coin.

From here, we can distinguish between two things: the appearance and the approach.

The appearance of Islam on the whole, as for the approach, it is difficult to deny that it is influenced by the political thesis in the modern secular sense and by the reaction of methodical acts to confront the  contemporary political parties. This is on the whole too, while one cannot deny the religious aspect of the Islamic movement. The secular influence is in essence the adoption of the Western model of "change" and the adoption of the European historical thesis of bloody revolutions or of democratic transformations. In both images, consciously or unconsciously, the secular approach to change is adopted. Ultimately, it does not produce a new society; it produces a silhouette of that society itself! Regardless of the democratic and political transformations. There is no change in the essence for it is the conscience of man.

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