Absolute Monotheism the Essence of Islam

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Absolute Monotheism the Essence of Islam
Declaring the Oneness of Allah is the first condition for admission to the community of Islam. This is, in itself, sufficient proof of the soundness of this religion, and the emptiness and falsity of other religions. For there is no other religion but Islam which stipulates such a condition from its believers, and no other religion excludes from its community of faith those who do not proclaim it.
“There is no god but Allah”: is the key to Paradise and of salvation from the torment of Hell. One who comes at the Day of Judgement without this key will find no path to Paradise, even if he had believed in the Prophethood of Muhammad, recited the Qur’an, performed the five daily prayers, fasted the month of ramadan and believed in everything else that Muslims believe. Indeed, Allah has made it clear to us that the good deeds of those who associate others with Him will not be accepted even if that person were a prophet or a messenger.(39) Thus Allah told the Prophet Muhammad, as He had told the prophets before him, “It was revealed to you and to those before you [that] ‘If you should associate [anything with Allah] your work would surely become worthless, and you would surely be among the losers.’” (39:65-66) And speaking of the prophets, He said, “But if they had associated others with Allah, then surely worthless would be whatever they were doing.” (6:88)
• There is no god but Allah. This is absolute faith, the foundation of belief in the One God, the essence and the title of Islam, without which belief is impossible. It is the way to a life of fulfillment, the key to happiness and of goodness in this world and the means and secret of salvation in the next.
• There is no god but Allah. This is the most absolute of truths and the most noble of them, as the Prophet  said, “The best thing that I and the prophets before me have ever said is: There is no god but Allah.”(40)
• There is no god but Allah. This is a phrase of liberation which sets humanity free from slavery to created things, from submission and servility to rulers and tyrants, and makes them servants only of the One Who created them.
• There is no god but Allah. This means refusing to worship of worshiping
anything besides Allah, and to affirm that worship is the right of Allah alone.
• There is no god but Allah. This is the slogan of the Oneness of God, which is
the spirit of Islam and the essence of belief. Worship has no value before Allah, and
no chance of being accepted by Him, if it does not rest upon this foundation. There is
no god but Allah.
• There is no god but Allah. This was the first thing that all the prophets called their people to. “And We never sent a Messenger before you except that We revealed to him that, ‘There is no god but Me; so worship Me.’” (21:25) The denial in this phrase “There is no god” precedes the affirmation “but Allah.” This is because faith in Allah can only come after you have denied false deities that are worshipped instead of Him. Thus Allah says, “So whoever disbelieves in Taagoot [idols](41) and believes in Allah, has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. ” (2:256) And the Prophet said, “Whoever says, ‘There is no god but Allah’ and denies whatever is worshipped besides Him, his property and his blood are protected and his
recompense is with Allah.” (Muslim 32 Book of Faith)
(39) Muslims distinguish between a Prophet, who is chosen by Allah to call his people to the Oneness of God, and to submission to Him alone, and a Messenger, who is also given a revelation. There have been many prophets, but few messengers. Among the messengers of Allah were Moses, David, Jesus and Muhammad, Peace be upon them.
(40) Bukhari, (3579)
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