How to assume Ihraam

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How to assume Ihraam

It means the intention to start the rites.It is desirable to have a bath – washing the whole body – before Ihraam. Moreover, it is desirable for a pilgrim to perfume oneself using whatever is available. It also desirable for male pilgrim before Ihraam to take off all tailored or sewn clothes and wear something unstitched. A pilgrim should wear a white, clean unstitched loincloth wrapped round the lower part of the body, wrapping another sheet of white, clean, unstitched cloth round the upper part. Yet, it is permissible to replace the white color with any other color provided it is traditionally befitting men.

If a pilgrim intends assuming Ihraam while still wearing his ordinary sewn clothes, his Ihraam is considered valid, but he is then obliged to take such clothes off and put on the clothes of Ihraam.

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