Mawaaqeet of Hajj

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Mawaaqeet of Hajj

There are certain times for Hajj, and certain sites for entering the state of Ihraam.

The Fixed times of Hajj are the months of Shawwaal, Thul-Qa‘dah and the first ten days of Thul-Hijjah.

As for the fixed sites for entering the state of Ihraam, they are the specific places which a pilgrim must not exceed and head for Makkah without entering the state of Ihraam, declaring the intention to perform Hajj. These places are: Thul-Hulayfah (as a site for Ihraam) for the people of Medina, Al-Juhfah for the people of Ash-Shaam, Qarnul-Manaazil for the people of Najd, and Yalamlam for the people of Yemen. They are sites for entering Ihraam for the people of the aforesaid places and those passing through them (i.e. those sites) with the intention of performing Hajj and ‘Umrah. Regarding those who dwell in places that are nearer to Makkah than the aforementioned places, they assume Ihraam for Hajj or Umrah from their places. As for the people of Makkah, they assume Ihraam from Makkah. They do not have to get out of Makkah to assume Ihraam from there. However, when it comes to ‘Umrah, they have to get out of Makkah to the nearest precincts wherefrom they can assume Ihraam i.e. ‘Arafaat, Tan‘eem, Ju‘raanah or others. One should do the possible thing to him.

As for those who do not pass by any of the aforesaid sites of Ihraam on their way to perform Hajj, they have to assume Ihraam once they know they are at the nearest place opposite to any of these sites.

Similarly, those who travel by plane should assume Ihraam once they know that they are parallel to any of the sites for Ihraam during the flight. However, they should be prepared before getting on board the plane by ritual bathing and cleaning. Afterwards, whenever the plane reaches a place that is parallel to any of the aforesaid sites for Ihraam, they should declare the intention of Ihraam and recite Talbiyah in the plane. It is impermissible for one to delay Ihraam until the plane lands in the airport.

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