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After shirk and innovation, the most common way that people spoil their faith is by blindly following tradition. Just as those who deny the worship of the Messiah are accused of being enemies of Christ, and those who deny the exaggerations of the Shias with respect to the Imams are accused of being enemies of the Household of Muhammad  and those who deny the worshipping of the graves of the pious and righteous are accused of being enemies of the pious and the righteous, so those who oppose the blind following of tradition are accused of being enemies of the four Imams who would scrap their madhhabs(60) entirely.
(59) Ijtihad means to exert one’s effort by reasoning to differentiate right from wrong when no clear evidance could be obtained from the Quran or the Sunnah. Another definition: the reasoning process by which Islamic laws are deduced after thorough research
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