Pure Faith leads to salvation

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Pure Faith leads to salvation
Everyone has a belief, but is it the true belief that His Lord wants him to believe? Tell me not “You believe” but tell me, what is your belief? If your belief is pure from polytheism and innovation, then you’ll be saved. But if your belief is inconsistent with the belief of Abraham, Noah, Moses…ETC, then you will not be saved. For a false belief does not lead to Paradise but to perish. Abraham worshiped One God who has no son. He worshiped Him directly without mediators between.
Don’t say to me, ‘I was brought up on this faith with my family, so I must maintain it till I die’. But let me remind you that Abraham was brought up in a pagan family, nevertheless, he did not say, ‘since my family are pagans I have to be like them.’ But he criticized their beliefs and destroyed their Idols. Can anyone else create these things other than the Creator?
How come that people seek salvation from those who are not creators. If God does not offer me these three things then this would be a proof that he is the wrong god, and therefore there is no need to worship him. Since Allah is My Only Creator, then He must be to me My Only Savior of whom I supplicate, pray to Him for my salvation in this world and the one to come. Jesus (Peace be with him) worshiped God, hoping His mercy, fearing His punishment.
All the Prophets used to be the way Allah described them: “They used to hasten to good deeds, and supplicate Us in hope and fear, and they were to Us humbly submissive.” (21:90).
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