The collapse of the universe

Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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Most scientific studies point out that the universe had expected therefore it will collapse. The Holy Quran mentions this fact clearly in several verses.….

Atheists' belief rely on that the universe is accidental and unending.

The Holy Quran disclaims this belief and asserts that the universe collapses while Allah is everlasting.

Allah says: (And cry not unto any other God along with Allah. There is no god save him. Everything will perish save his countenance, He is the command, and unto him ye will be brought back) (Al-Qasas: 88). Also says: (All that is on earth will perish*but will abide (for ever) the face of the lord) (Ar-Rahman 26-27). 

Scientific development has given us evidence that confirm the fact that the universe ends and collapses in fearful way. Professor Andrea Wendy and his wife Renate Kawish, At the Department of Physics in Stanford University, confirm that the universe will stop of the expanding and collapses in the relatively near future.

The researchers say that the new theory suggests that 'dark energy' or ambiguous that appears to be pushing the universe, this energy may lose momentum gradually, leading to the collapse of the universe, and everything will fall in the black holes.

We should remember a great blessing from Allah it is the coherent and non disintegration of the universe. If the chance is governing the universe it leads to violent clashes between its parts, and fall down the Rocks, meteorites, comets and other on the ground. But it is Allah mercy.

Allah says: (He withholds the sky from falling on the earth except by his leave for Allah is most kind and most merciful to man.)(Al-Hajj 65 (–

In 1998, a team of Astronomers had discovered that the universe is not only growing but it grows very quickly. This fact becomes a postulate. It is null and void the allegation of Atheist; it is constant of the universe. This exactly what the Holy Quran said from 14 century.

Allah says: (With power and skill did we construct the firmament: for it is we who create the vastness of Space) (Zariyat-47).

The researchers based their findings on amazing results that they attained about the observations so-called "Super Nova", this is the exploding stars that it is possible to see it from the other side of the universe. To explain the ambiguity of this phenomena; the scientists derived an idea from Einstein says that" there is in an empty space type of empty energy sometimes referred to it as Dark energy which drive everything separately".

The scientists expect that the galaxies are separating from each other and become like a disconnected island of dead stars hardly to see each other.

This means that the stars are gradually extinguishing and its light is disappearing. And this what the Holy Quran says:

(When the stars become dim; when the heaven is cleft asunder))Al-Mursalat - -8-9).

This verse assert that the stars will not last forever, but will run out of fuel and gradually decrease the intensity of illumination until it is totally  wiped out.

The koranic expression is scientifically accurate because of its convenient with modern science. The second verse asserts that the sky spreads out and ruptured. This is what the scientists say nowadays.

The scientists say: The Milky Way galaxy will be like a separate island in a sea of non-variable space of totally black within the next 15 billion years, but the real time is known to Allah only.

Allah says: (And when the stars fall, losing their luster) (Al-Takwir 2), this is what the scientists' believed: with the passing of time the stars are gradually extinguishing in all galaxies leaving totals colds of frozen planets is swallowing by "Black Holes".

The two scientists at Stanford University estimated the age of the universe by 14 billion years, so it is at the middle age.

On the other hand Professor Lendi says that: Physics scientists know that the dark energy can be negative, so the universe collapses in the very future, might be in trillion of years. But the universe is not at the first of its life circle but at the middle of the life circle. The scientist said "the good news is that we still have a lot of time to check up for this occurrence". I would like to say that the day of resurrection comes all of a sudden and the collapse will be unexpectedly. And not, as some scientists expect that the universe stays for billion of years. 

Allah says: (And to Allah belongs the Unseen of the heavens and the earth. And the matter of the Hour is not but as a twinkling of the eye, or even nearer. Truly! Allah is Able to do all things.)(Al Nahl 77).     

And also says: (Men ask thee concerning the hour: say, "The knowledge thereof is with Allah (alone) and what will make thee understand? Perchance the hour is nigh!)(Al Ahzab 63).

A new study confirm that the universe is flat

The astronauts, who work in a sophisticated telescope mounted in a far upland in the Chilean desert, have been able to get the more detailed and clearer pictures of what is known as first light appeared in the universe.

The study which all these spectacular results from show the first independent affirmation for the theory that intend the source of the Substance, Energy and they entity.

The captured images are the first applied scientific tests for the theories of the emergence and evolution for the universe, this is the first scientific evidence denotes that the universe is flat and, the Substance and dark Energy dominate him.

The telescope, which known as picturing the deep space camera, succeed in capture the smallest and simplest differences between the micro-waves in the deep space or what is known to the scientists as" Echoes of the explosion" and those tiny micro-waves are previous radiation swim in the space since the estimated period of about 14 billion years, since the appearance of the first atoms in the universe depending on the great explosion.

The vibration and differences image of the maps show the first formation of the universe that around us, this means that it is the seeds or the sources for the Substance and the Energy which evolved and transformed into what we now know of hundreds of thousand of the global gathering of hundreds of galaxies, isthmuses and groupings of the stars and planets. The Holy Quran mentions all those groupings and named it as big stars. Allah says: (And indeed, we have put the big stars in the heaven and we beautified it for the beholders) (Al-Hijr16).

This large machine(The telescope) consist of 13 telescopes that works by the high tiny micro-waves connected to each other, mounted on 5080 meters of high above the sea level in the most arid deserts in the world, it is Atacama desert in Chile.

Rita Colwell the director of U.S. national foundation for science says that the results of this study are considered the best and most important of its sort so far" each new image of the universe at the beginning increases our knowledge of how the birth of the universe and its beginnings, and yet, the continuous of the expansion of the universe and its breadth increase and expand human knowledge by the original of the universe and how it extend.

The head of the research team Anthony Riadhead says: we saw for the first time how the first seeds granting the life to the galaxies and the enormous cosmic gatherings which put the theories that strive to demonstrate the emergence of the universe under the microscope.

The exact image, which taken by the telescope, is the first scientists applied tests to the theories of the emergence and evolution of the universe, this is the first scientific evidence says that the universe is flat with two-dimensional and dominated by the Substance and the dark Energy.

The Holy Quran indicates clearly that the universe is flat, Allah says(The day that we roll up the Heavens like a scroll Rolled up for books (completed), - Even as we produced the first creation so shall we produce a new one: a promise we have undertaken: Truly shall we fulfill it.)(Anbiyaa-104) .And ponders on the meaning of these words (Roll up, Books) which betoken that universe is flat. This is the first priority to the Holy Quran.


The attained information by scientists especially that depending on the temperature supports the amendments to the idea of the great daybreak theory "This idea is known as the distension theory". In April 2000, the international team of space scientists revealed on the first conclusive evidence that support the theory which telling that the universe is flat. This means that its lines are parallel and it doesn't gather or overlap.

Since that time, the scientists persevere with using more than one method of observation and scientific following up in their analysis of the youngest and most weaken variability and changes that occur at the temperatures in the tiny cosmic micro-waves. The new scientific data and information help the scientists to expand their knowledge with the secrets of the black or dark Energy  which seems to resist the gravity and does not affected by it rather, forced the universe to extension and continually expeditious expansion.

 The universe will not disintegrate into small pieces

The natural journal shed the light upon a new scientific study about one of the most intricate secretes of the universe, it shows that our universe is flat and not convex as some people think.

The findings come as a result of the journey of the Balloon over the Antarctic.

For the astronomers the description of the universe as a flat means that the conventional rules apply to it, this means that the light goes in straight lines not curved.

Some time ago, the scientific opinion sees that the universe is flat, but the latest information came to abound greater credibility to this view.

 The same study predicted that at the end the universe is going to stop expanding according to the theory of the big bang but it is not going to break down into small pieces! Professor Peter Eddy, one of the members of the team that did the study, says this result is utmost astounding and it will lead to re-write the section of the history of the universe. The study leads to information about an accurate map of the dim glow that follows the big bang which is called the background of tiny cosmic waves.

The scientists say this heat equals the small warming that come out of anything less than zero Celsius. The small varieties in the temperature of these waves allow the scientists to test different types of the origin of the universe and its expansion. This map designed by an international team leaded by professor Paolo de Berinardes who deems that seeing the Key components in its fetus form is an exciting thing.

The map was designed by using very sensitive telescope attached to a Balloon at an altitude of forty thousand meters above Antarctica. The team of scientists was occupied with about one billon record by the balloon. IF they used a normal computer it will take 6 years, but they depended on a giant computer in the U.S national research laboratory –Lawrence Berlinki- which shorted the time accounts to three weeks.

Professor Wayne Hu at American natural science school says:'' the results of the study upholds the view that the universe is flat in high density and there is no reason to believe that it will collapse into small pieces''. My dears, did Allah speak about the break of the universe into small pieces? In fact He speaks about the roll up of the universe. Allah says: (The day that we roll up the heaven like a scroll Rolled up for books) Anbiyaa 104. Indeed thus concurs with the new views. 

Re-creation of the universe

Now, the scientists speak about the re-creation of the universe as it began.

The scientist Neil Turok form Cambridge University sets up the basics of a new theory that a lot of cosmic phenomena depend on the re-creation of the universe such as water cycle, climate cycle, carbon cycle, the cycle of stars life and rock cycle and much more. The Holy Quran speaks very clearly about this. Allah says

 (Even as we produced the first Creation, so shall we produce A new one: a promise we have undertaken truly shall we fulfill it.)(Anbiyaa-104).

The scientist Neil Turok asserts that the process of (re-creation of universe) is suitable and coordinates with the general cosmic-order.

The scientists observe that there is quickly extension in the universe because of the dark Substance which forms more than 96 percent of the universe Substance. There are many verses emphasizes the re-creation of the universe, this is what the scientists speak about it now.

Allah says: (See they not how Allah originates creation, then Repeats it: truly that is

Easy for Allah)(Ankabut 19),Also Allah says:(It is God who begins (the process of) creation; then repeats it; then shall ye be brought back to him) (Rum 11).

The great schism

The scientists found that the universe is accelerating in its expansion, this means that the galaxies move in a variable speed with the time. In other words the speed of galaxies changes with the time and become faster.

IF we imagine a car traveling at 100 kilometers per hour, this is constant speed.

If we imagine another car traveling at increasing  speed starting from zero; then to 10; then to 20 kilometer per hour; then 30; then 40; then50 and so on, this means it makes an accelerating move. As the same of the universe, it does not expand constancy, but in an ascending order.

The scientists propound a question: what does make the universe accelerate in its moving?

They assumed at the beginning that there is a dark Substance affects the galaxies and tugs it violently so it moves too quickly. But after making the calculations they found that the size of the Substance must be 96 percent of the size of the universe!

Hence the scientist Robert R. Caldwell propounds his theory about the Big Rip saying that everything in the universe from the atoms and what is smallest of them, the human beings, and planets to the stars and galaxies, everything will rupture and parted into small pieces, and begins with Big Rip.

Robert Caldwell says "the dark energy that fills the universe which is still unknown to the scientists. It will have the greatest impact on the contraction of the universe and its shrink", thereupon the frightful ending within a large crushing.

IF we look attentively at the Holy Quran we notice that it asserts about the rent of the universe, Allah says :( When the sky is rent Asunder, and it becomes red like ointment) (Rahman-37), Also Allah says: (On that Day shall the (Great) event come to pass* and the sky will be rent asunder, for it will that day be flimsy)(Haqqa15-16)

The strong and powerful heaven will be weak and becomes flimsy; this is consistent with the recent studies in astronomy. Because of the important of this cosmic phenomenon Allah revealed a full Sûrat –chapter- in the Holy Quran it is Inshiqaq or the Rending Asunder. Allah says at the very beginning: (When the sky is rent asunder*and hearkens to (the command of) it's Lord and it must needs (do so.))

(Inshiqaq 1-2)

Allah says that the universe will not continue forever, but it will rend and collapse. It is Allah who wills to reveal a physical evidence to be a concrete proof for the Skeptics that the Judgment day is coming with no doubt

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