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The Qur’an
No book on the face of the earth has been kept and cared for, as has the Quran by this Nation. When the verses were revealed to the Prophet  he used to commit it to memory as it was revealed to him. The moment it descended, he then recited it in front of his companions and commanded them to write it down and collect it and read it back to him many times. Then he kept a copy of what they wrote down with him in his home.
As a result, the book today is preserved. The proof is more then one thousand four hundred years old and no one can dispute this fact. Isn’t it enough proof that the Qur’an has been preserved? Despite the differences among Muslims groups, we can emphasize that these are not based on the reliability of the Qur’an. In contrast, the differences among Christians are based upon the authenticity of the Bible, whether it should contain sixty-six books or seventy-three, and upon many other disputes about verses that have
been omitted from the King James Version!
Some have claimed that the Qur’an was given to the Prophet  by Christian priests who used to meet with him regularly. But if there were Christians like those who were able to present a perfect book to Muhammad, why could not they produce a perfect Bible for the benefit of their own religion? The Qur’an has been described as the “Book of Allah.” In it, are the stories of those who passed before you, and the news of what will come after you, and it contains the judgement between those who differ among you. It is the unbending standard against which all things are measured. Whoever arrogantly abandons it, Allah will destroy him, and who ever seeks guidance of another, Allah will lead him astray. It is the solid rope of Allah, and His Remembrance and Wisdom, and it is His Straight Path. No soul that follows it will be deviated, nor can any tongue dress its truth in falsehood, nor can it become old by repeated recitation. Those who know it never tire of it. Its wonders are endless. It is the thing the jinn (4) are still saying since the first time they heard it:
“We have heard an amazing Qur’an, it guides to the right course (wisdom), so we believed in it, and we will not associate with our Lord anyone.” (72:1)
Whoever speaks by its words have spoken truth, and who ever acts upon it earns its reward, and Who ever judges by it, has done justice, and who calls others to it has guided people to the Straight Path.” The Qur’an is the last of the testaments revealed from heaven to mankind on earth. Allah made it to confirm what had come before it and as a watcher over them. Allah said, Creatures that are made of fire, among them are those who believe, others are (4) Jinn disbelievers.
“Say, O mankind, the Truth has come to you from your Lord. So whoever is guided, is only guided for [the benefit of ] his own soul, and whoever goes only goes astray against it, and I am not an over you a manager.” (10:108)
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