The Worst Places

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The Worst Places

99) Muhammad bin Jubair bin Mut'am narrated that somebody came to the Prophet  and asked him: What are the worst places? The Prophet answered: I do not know. Then Jibrael  came to the Prophet  and was asked by the Prophet what are the worst places? Jibrael  said: I do not know, but I will ask my Lord. Jibraelleft and was away as much as Allah wished, then came to the Prophet  and said: 0 Muhammad, you asked me what are the worst places and once I did not know I asked Allah  and He said: (These are) the markets.

(This Hadith is fairly good and reported by Ahmad in his Musnad, Al-Hakim in his Mustadrak and AtTabarani in the big Mu'jam).


This Hadith shows us that markets and shopping areas are worst places because they are where people chase worldly pleasures and money. Some people do not follow the commands of the Noble Qur'an and the sound Sunnah. They just want to get money or pleasure, no matter if it is acceptable in Islam or not. But a true Muslim should always consult the Noble Qur'fin and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad

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