Zakaah of grains and fruits

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Zakaah of grains and fruits:
Zakaah is to be given from all grains such as wheat, barley, rice and the rest of cereals. Also, Zakaah is to be given from all the things that can be weighed and shored such as fruits, dates, raisins and the like whenever they are harvested. Its Nisaab is five Awsuq[1](690 kg).
The amount that is to be given as Zakaah of grain and fruits differs according to the method of irrigation:
In case the land is irrigated without effort but from rain, wells and rivers, then tenth (10%) of the yield is to be given as Zakaah.
In case of what is irrigated by exerting effort to bring water from wells and machines, then one-twentieth (5%) is to be given as Zakaah.
[1] Awsuq is the plural form of Wasq which is a standard measure that equals 130320 grams. (Translator)
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